Tableau Public’s Viz Wrap: Interesting Data Visualizations from 2022

Browse a small selection of interesting visualizations created by the DataFam on Tableau Public this year.

Most weekdays, the Tableau Public team features a Viz of the Day that showcases how to see, understand, and share data insights using Tableau. We love the conversations these vizzes spark and enjoy shining a spotlight on the creativity and curiosity of the Tableau Community. There’s nothing quite like the DataFam and Tableau Public is where it all comes together.

2022 was a year of growth and change, challenges and celebrations and as it comes to an end, let’s take a look back at just a small fraction of the thousands of interesting data visualizations—beyond Viz of the Day—created by Tableau Public authors around the globe this year. From business dashboards to pop culture, and health care to world events, explore 100 vizzes that highlight what the #DataFam vizzed about throughout the year. Make sure to follow your favorite authors and favorite the ones you like the most.

Layoffs of 2022

Siddhanth Shetty

World Cup 2022 Minutes Contributions

Steve Fenn @StatHunting

Demo: Help Desk (RWFD)

Angelica Obi

2021 Global CPI

Michael Fisayo

Cigarettes of Mad Men

Lisa Trescott

#WOW2022 - Week 8

Kyle Yetter

Beauty and the Beast

Jennifer Dawes

Elton John Favorites!

Dinushki De Livera


Will Champ Brown

Office Relationships

Brian Moore

Supreme Court Justices

Agata Ketterick

The Faces of Batman

Adedamola (Damola) Ladipo

The Twin Film Phenomenon

Patrick Sarsfield

Living with Parents

daniel ling

Know Your Meme History

Brittany Rosenau

Welcoming Strangers

Jason Yang

MyFitnessPal Dashboard

Luke Stoughton

NBA Lords of the Rings

Jeff Plattner

EGMs in Victoria

Asha Surabhi

Superstore Sales Dashboard

Kasia Gasiewska-Holc

#B2VB | 08 Heatmap

Kelvin Tang

Tuskegee Airmen

Alice McKnight

Global Time

‫Nir Smilga‬‎

Surrey Census 2021

James Goodall

Personal Finance

Stiliyan Dimitrov

State of Water in India

Tobi Williams Babatunde

War Damn History

Jessica Moon

Time to change

Lilla Rasztik

Naruto | Data Book

Muhammad Azhar

Electric blanket export

Wendy Shijia 汪士佳



Pac-Man Fun Facts

Brian Moore

Chart Suggestions Guide

Adedamola (Damola) Ladipo


Greg Murray

ASUU strike

Adekola Aliu


YuYang 禹洋

#B2VB Scatter Plot - NCAA Coaches

Bearcat Notes | CJ Temple

Some Neon Fun

Joris van den Berg


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