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Looking to improve your data skills, get inspired, or grow your career? Create and explore data visualizations for free with Tableau Public as you build your own portfolio of work. Connect, share tips and tricks, and collaborate with data enthusiasts around the world.

What is Tableau Public

A beginner’s guide to Tableau Public

How do I get started?

1. Join Tableau Public

Signing into your free Tableau Public account and setting up your profile takes only a few minutes and quickly gives you access to the largest repository of data visualizations in the world, a place to feature your work, and so much more.

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2. Publish a viz

You have several ways to publish a viz to your Tableau Public portfolio. You can use Tableau Desktop, Tableau Desktop Public Edition, or Web Authoring to quickly share your vizzes with the DataFam.

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3. Get connected with the DataFam

Follow other authors, select one or more Community Projects to jumpstart or improve your data skills, and search Tableau Public for a topic or chart type to gain inspiration and see what others have created.

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Most weekdays, we feature a viz that inspires, teaches, or highlights an interesting data story. Sign up to get these vizzes delivered straight to your inbox.

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Go behind the scenes with Community Projects

Take an in-depth look at popular data visualization challenges run by the DataFam

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Increase efficiency and speed to insights

Yes, we have built a reputation for beautiful visualizations, but don’t forget about the time and money you can save by modeling your dashboard on one already made. Put Tableau Public to work for your organization.

  • Find a visualization that resonates with you
  • Click and download it to your computer
  • Make customizations in the dashboard
  • Connect it to new data sources for fresh insights or simply explore how it was made.

The Tableau Public Business Dashboards Gallery provides inspiration and visual best practices with use cases in dozens of industries. The Learning Tableau Gallery offers several practical examples and step-by-step guides for taking your data skills to the next level.

Grow your career

Stand out with your online analytics portfolio by enabling the Hire Me button. Learn how these Public community members used their attention-grabbing profiles to get noticed, advance their careers, and even source new data visualization job opportunities.

Zainab Ayodimeji

Zainab Ayodimeji

Tableau Public helped Zainab land her dream job at Spotify.

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Elisa Davis

Elisa Davis

Elisa built a Public portfolio that changed the trajectory of her career.

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Idris Akilapa

Idris Akilapa

The Hire Me button helped Idris get a job offer—no applications required.

Get inspired

Give back

Our platform and community aren’t just about the individual or the enterprise. Check out these inspiring stories about the power and potential to do good with public data.

Do No Harm Guide set in laptop

Data storytelling in a diverse world

The Do No Harm Guide from the Urban Institute is grounded in the belief that we can work together to build a more equitable and inclusive world by using data with sensitivity and care.

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Connect with mission-driven organizations

Nonprofit charities are working to change the world for the better. Viz for Social Good enables these organizations to communicate their impact through data storytelling.

Make an impact
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Visualize gender equality. Female Genital Mutilation Safe Houses in Tanzania dashboard

Bring awareness to inequality

Priya Padham discusses how she made decisions on how to personify data to raise awareness about an extreme violation of human rights.

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