Music Viz Contest Entries

Judging by the high caliber of entries to our last Iron Viz feeder contest, visualizing music data really seems to be your forte! Seriously, these vizzes are too hot to Handel. We've got so many fantastic entries from timers; I don't know where all you talented newbies have been Haydn! Take a minuet to explore the Liszt of entries. If you see one that really resonates with you, click on the Twitter button to send them a vote! The entry with the most community votes with win our $500 "Crowd Favorite" prize! I'll be Bach with the winners of the Crowd Favorite and the Iron Viz spot next Friday, so get your Twitter votes in before midnight Pacific time on August 20th!

Andreas Huebner - Mashup Germany - Who and what gets mashed up?

Chelsea Ursaner - Phish Song Timelines (1983-2015)

Robert Radburn - Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat

Niccolo Cirone - Woodstock '69 - Visualizing the "Three Days that Rocked the World"!

Pablo Saenz de Tejada - Bruce Springsteen: His Albums, Live Shows and Song Moods

Nicholas Parry - Tableau Piano

Branden Fulton - 300 Acts Associated with N.W.A

Jeremy Paytas - U2 - A Tour of Yesterday and Today

Jane Crofts - The Glee Effect

Skyler Johnson - The Big 4 Music Festivals

Emma Whyte - The Music of James Bond 007

Douglas Everson - Trends in Music

Timothy Ngwena - My Music Taste V2

Mike Moore - Beatles Writing Contributions by Album

Ben Fox - Gleeful

Dave Hart - Piano Practice

George Gorczynski - Bob Dylan - Analyzing 55 years of lyrics

Desiree Koh - Record Labels vs Artist Labels

Zack Mazzoncini - The Greats - Top All-Time Artists

Alexandria Duke - Pitchfork Reviews