In-person Tableau Training Now Available From Freakalytics

Rapid GraphsAs easy as Tableau is to learn (just by getting started, attending a web-based course, or watching a video), sometimes there's just no substitute for good old-fashioned in-person training. Getting out of the office and away from the distractions of daily life does wonders for a learning environment.

That's why I'm happy to share information about training courses from our new training partner, Freakalytics. Scheduled courses include:

  • Sep 15-17, 2009 – Seattle, Washington
  • Oct 06-08, 2009 – New York City, NY
  • Oct 20-22, 2009 – Washington, DC (Alexandria, VA)
  • Nov 10-12, 2009 – Dallas, Texas

They have already run courses in San Francisco, Atlanta and Chicago. Customer feedback has been resoundingly positive!

  • "I came here as a Tableau beginner and I am already close to replacing our old financial reporting system with Tableau."
  • "I've been using Tableau for almost 2 years and this class made me realize there’s so much more I can do with it."

Attendees rated that they learned in 3 days what may have taken them 4 to 6 months. I audited portions of the first course and agree this is a great way to learn Tableau. Even advanced users found the majority of the course material new or enlightening.

Stephen is a long-time Tableau expert and bona fide analytics guru (including positions at REI, Netflix, SAS, etc.). With the editing help of his wife Eileen (herself a Ph.D.), he wrote the first book about Tableau, "Rapid Graphs with Tableau Software".

Brief course descriptions are below but check out the Freakalytics website. And if you do get the opportunity to attend, please let us know what you think!

Rapid Graphs with Tableau - $875 In this one-day course, you will learn how to create graphs and tables with Tableau to improve the speed and quality of your daily decisions. Topics include thinking analytically, understanding different data types, effective business table and graph design, data access, the power of Show Me! and sharing your work. Each attendee will receive two books, “Rapid Graphs with Tableau Software: Create Intuitive, Actionable Insights in Just 15 Days” by Stephen McDaniel and “Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten” by Stephen Few.

Data Exploration and Effective Dashboards with Tableau - $1450 for 2 days (or $1975 for both courses) In this two-day course, you will learn how to use many of the powerful features of Tableau for data exploration, data management and effective dashboard creation. Topics include understanding common data relationships and the best methods to explore them, the visual perception of data with tables and graphs, dynamic view interaction and navigation, data navigation and advanced data management. Dashboard topics include design principles and best practices. Each attendee will receive two books, “Rapid Graphs with Tableau Software: Create Intuitive, Actionable Insights in Just 15 Days” by Stephen McDaniel and “Now You See It: Simple Visualization Techniques for Quantitative Analysis” by Stephen Few.

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