Connect directly to your Anaplan data in Tableau

We are excited to share we’ve added a direct connection to Anaplan from Tableau.

We are excited to share we’ve added a direct connection to Anaplan from Tableau 10.1.2.

Anaplan is a planning and performance management platform that combines a planning and modeling engine, predictive analytics, and cloud collaboration into one simple interface for business users. It enables teams to perform integrated business planning across various functions in real-time.

We here at Tableau use Anaplan as our go-to tool for sales planning and role-based headcount tracking. We’ve been testing out the new connector internally to our team members’ delight.

With direct integration to Tableau, people outside of our internal planning team can leverage our Anaplan connector and uncover actionable insights in real-time. People can zoom in on a slice of the data that impacts their work, or bring in additional data to expand their analysis.

Anyone can quickly analyze the budgetary impact of various model factors. Leaders can easily explore the headcount movement of various teams when making recruiting decisions. And sales teams can make informed decisions about territory coverage.

There are many more benefits to this integration beyond our own use cases. From marketing to IT and supply-chain management, teams can benefit from an integrated view of the data when making decisions.

To start leveraging your Anaplan data, check out this quick video.

Download Tableau 10.1.2 and take our new connector for a spin. Make sure to let us know what you think. We’ve been working closely with Anaplan over the last few months, and we’re excited to hear about your experience with the connector.

Note: This post was updated November 2018.