2023 Tableau Ambassador nominations and applications are open

The data community is the heart and soul of Tableau—led by the Tableau Ambassadors. Learn what it means to be an ambassador and how to nominate or apply.

Nominations and applications for the 2023 Tableau Ambassador Program are now open. We’ve curated all you need to know about the program, including what ambassadors do, what’s new this year, and how to nominate or apply. Ready to submit a name? Then here’s the link to get started. Otherwise, read on.

What do Tableau Ambassadors do?

Tableau Ambassadors are leaders in our community and data champions who want to bring analytics to everyone. You can find them answering questions in our forums, publishing content on social platforms, leading or speaking at user groups, teaching others how to use Tableau APIs, and sharing data visualization best practices.

Ambassadors try out new things, and they push us to get better. This year’s cohort helped us implement a new user group platform, provided feedback on new chart types on Tableau Public, and improved how we respond to community ideas on the forums. If you attended TC23, then you probably saw the incredible impact our Tableau Ambassadors have: Dozens of our leaders presented, hosted meetups, and led community projects this year! This willingness to volunteer and try new things helps everyone in the community thrive.

Finally, Tableau Ambassadors advocate for under-represented voices within our community. This year the Ambassadors helped us launch the Tableau Community Highlight, an award that recognizes the thousands of people who give back to the DataFam outside of our Visionaries and Ambassadors. We count on our ambassadors to act as allies and advocates by lifting up the voices of others, mentoring newcomers to data, and helping us uphold the Tableau Community Code of Conduct

Learn more about the Tableau Ambassadors.

What’s new about the Ambassador program in 2023: The Academic Ambassadors

We’re always looking for ways to improve the Ambassador program and this year we are thrilled to share that we are renaming and refocusing our Student Ambassador program. The program is being expanded to include educators who are influencing and inspiring their peers and communities to spread the value of data skills for everyone. We will have student and instructor Tableau champions together under one branch and they will now be called “Tableau Academic Ambassadors”.

Our previous Academic Programs Advisory Council that consisted of educators will be adapted into the ambassador program to recognize their commitment to and advocacy of Tableau. We’re excited to welcome educators and say hello to the new Academic Ambassadors.

How do I apply or nominate someone to be an Ambassador?

Everyone, both returning Ambassadors and those who want to join for the first time, should apply to become an Ambassador in 2023. We know it’s a lot of work to share your application every year, but we ask that you do so because hearing directly about your contributions helps us evaluate every candidate fairly. The deadline for application and nominations is July 14 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

Nominees who don’t apply will be notified of their candidacy and given a week to submit their own information. We do not require you to apply, but our strong recommendation is that you don’t rely on other community members to nominate you—you are your best advocate. 

The application form asks you for your:

  • Social account links like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tableau Public (all optional)
  • Links to any community projects or user groups you lead (all optional)
  • A summary of how you have been active in the community over the past year (required)
  • An explanation of why you want to be a Tableau Ambassador (required)
  • Any links you think will be helpful for us when we review your submission (optional)

For the nomination form, almost all of the above fields are optional. We only require a link to one of your nominee’s online accounts so that we can contact them if they didn’t apply!

What are the different Tableau Ambassador branches?

Tableau Ambassadors embody the spirit of the Tableau Community. They teach, share, lead, innovate, and inspire. Once selected, ambassadors are invited to serve a one-year term in one of seven branches:

Social Ambassadors are inclusive leaders who create and share engaging content in social, digital, and in-person experiences.They go above and beyond to drive thought-provoking conversations about data, champion others, welcome people to the community, support community members, and amplify key messages across all social channels.

Tableau User Group Leader Ambassadors are dedicated to helping user group leaders worldwide and educating our user group community. Our ambassadors provide content to set up our community for success while leading their own local, virtual, or industry user group. They share best practices and tips and tricks or mentor new leaders. They’re also given opportunities to provide feedback on new product releases and speak at events for the global user group community.

Tableau Forum Ambassadors are the stewards of the forums. They maintain a healthy and engaging community forum by assisting users with quality responses, flagging inappropriate content for moderation or removal, and approving new user content.

Tableau Public Ambassadors showcase the creative power of Tableau. They drive a feedback loop and healthy space for connection, welcome newcomers, and model engagement. They are given opportunities to collaborate with the Tableau Public Dev team and contribute to community programs like Viz Of The Day, and Tableau Public Featured Authors.

Academic Ambassadors are Tableau champions in higher education who empower and inspire others to acquire fundamental skills to improve their employability. Student Ambassadors support Tableau Academic Programs through on-campus events and social media campaigns to prepare students for success in today’s data-driven world. Instructor Ambassadors are the guiding light for other educators to get inspired by and to support and advise and innovate the Academic Programs with us.

DataDev Ambassadors explore all the capabilities and possible extensions of Tableau by using Developer Tools and APIs. They share their work and findings with the Tableau Developer Team, other DataDevs, and the larger Tableau Community. They also participate in product evaluation and create content to introduce Tableau Developer tools to the community.

CRM Analytics Ambassadors are power users of the native analytics and AI solution for Salesforce. They love to share their expertise in this specialized platform and provide a bridge between the Salesforce Trailblazer community and the Tableau Community. 

The fine print

Please only nominate someone or apply to one specific group. When evaluating applications to become an ambassador, we do not consider internal contributions made within one’s own company. We do not select Tableau Ambassadors based on the number of nominations received. While we do read and track all submissions, we also use internal metrics, employee recommendations, and the needs of our global community to determine the new group.

Nominations will be open from June 14, 2023, through July 14, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Following the nomination and application period, the Tableau team will notify all candidates and review all submissions, and ask those nominated to provide optional additional information. Nominees who didn’t apply are given the opportunity to opt out of consideration at that time. This process may take up to three weeks.

Personal invitations to join will be shared and must be accepted before the public announcement. All ambassadors are required to sign an NDA with Tableau. Due to the volume of applicants and to maintain the privacy of the candidates and reviewers, we do not disclose the reasoning about why individual candidates were or weren’t offered an invitation to the program.

The 2023 Tableau Ambassadors will be announced in early September 2023.

We encourage you to learn more about all the ambassadors on our website and follow them on Twitter.

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