You all know those people—they shine with solutions and creative approaches in the Forums or on Twitter. They invite new voices into conversations at User Groups, and they engage and inspire on Tableau Public. They are evangelists and leaders, and they represent the spirit and voice of the Tableau Community.

In our community, we call these champions ambassadors, and we need your help selecting the new group. Each year we choose new leaders to join our existing ambassadors to further our support of the Tableau Community. We ask them to serve a one-year term (with the option for more) and in return offer fun perks, access to resources, sneak peeks into what’s coming from our dev team, and exclusive swag just for them.

By nominating an ambassador, you're not only recognizing your data heroes. You're also giving your say in who you want to lead the Tableau Community forward—who you want to be empowered with resources and insider knowledge to help create or continue amazing programs and initiatives.

Do you know someone who should be a Tableau Ambassador? We want to hear from you! Nominate them now.

Welcome Student Ambassadors

We have been working with our friends on the Tableau Academic Team to figure out how we can join forces to establish and support student champions. It’s important that we support their professional development while growing the awareness of Tableau through this core group of students at specific institutions.

We are excited to share in July we are launching the Student Ambassador Program that will align with all our other Ambassador groups! In the inaugural year, we plan to pilot this program with target institutions for students who attend university in the following countries: United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and the UK.

Unlike our other ambassador programs: Student Ambassadors will have an opportunity to become a data expert and an influencer on their campus. They will get to attend a Data Viz Bootcamp organized by the Tableau Academic Team and learn how to speak about Tableau and teach others in on-campus workshops. Learn more about the new Student Ambassador program here.

What does it take to become a Tableau Ambassador?

Demonstrate Leadership and Evangelism.
Tableau ambassadors represent the spirit and voice of the community. They keep us honest and push us to do more. They teach and share while fostering positive and supportive behavior within the community. They give credit where credit is due, and help nurture inclusivity. They shine the spotlight on new voices, innovative ideas, and allow us to reach more people to help them see and understand their data.

Ambassadors are selected to serve a one-year term in one of five branches:

  • Social Media champions are led by Marissa Michelotti
  • Outstanding Tableau User Groups leaders are led by Jordan Scott
  • Community Forums heroes are led by Patrick Byrne
  • Visionary Tableau Public creators led by Jonni Walker
  • And our new Student Ambassadors will be led by Midori Ng and KJ Kim

There are no firm guidelines for selection, but you can only nominate someone to one specific group. Please choose wisely. We do not select Tableau Ambassadors based on the number of submissions received. While we do read and track all nominations, we also use internal metrics, employee recommendations, and the needs of our global community to determine the new group.

Nominations will be open from June 11, 2019, through July 12, 2019, at 5:00 pm PST.

We encourage you to learn more about all the ambassadors on our website and follow them on Twitter.

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