Tableau user groups (TUGs) are a time for users to meet up and discuss anything Tableau with other enthusiasts in their area. This is a community where you can share best practices, connect with others, and learn new approaches.

TUGs are a great way for you to get involved in the Tableau community in your area. Now you can meet with like-minded users and talk about anything Tableau.

Don’t take our word for it—check out what other user group members have to say about being a part of a user group:

+“There’s something about user groups that makes members come back time after time. They love it. They love the people they meet and the opportunities that user groups create. Being a user group member is just plain fun.” – PJ Hoke; Dallas User Group
+”It [user groups] revolves around learning different approaches to problems and how others are using Tableau” – Herb Rim; Los Angeles User Group

We have given our TUG page a major makeover in the last few months. Today, it’s easier than ever to find out more about what’s new, what’s different and where you can find helpful links and documents related to the user group community.

What’s new?

+We have added a Tableau user group viz on the main group page
+Here you can find where User Groups exist, find their community page, email the user group leader, and more.
+Want to stay connected with other users in your area and get information about upcoming events? Join a Tableau user group near you
+“In my opinion, the best reason to join a user group is to meet fellow Tableau Users and share experiences, listen and learn, and enjoy the give and take.“ – Michael Martin; Toronto User Group
+Don’t see a TUG in your area? Maybe you should start one!
+Find out what it means to be a user group leader and start your own user group
+Who should start a user group? Data rockstars who love Tableau. User groups are independent and run by Tableau enthusiasts; not Tableau employees. This gives you the freedom to talk about anything Tableau.
+Still have more questions, comments, or want to contact the Tableau team?

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