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Welcome to the Tableau User Group Monthly where you can find a curated list of highlights and content from a month of User Group events all over the globe. Formerly a weekly blog series, the User Group Monthly now highlights content by topic, allowing readers to synthesize all the top meeting learnings. Share your TUG experiences and learnings by using the #TableauUserGroup hashtag on Twitter.

Tableau Community Members Laura Sandford, Pablo Gomez, Irene Diomi, Will Sutton, Priya Padham, Sarah Bartlett and David Pires at a London Tableau User Group meetup.

What are Tableau User Groups?

Tableau User Groups (TUGs) are inclusive meetup events for Tableau enthusiasts to connect, learn and discuss all things Tableau. Find inspiration from your peers across geographies, industries and interest while advancing your analytics skills. They can take place virtually or in-person and are completely Community led. Explore and join an existing user group or start one of your own here.

Learn from the Community with on-demand User Group meetups

1) Improve your dashboard design and functionality

Prototyping: Building Better Dashboard Designs: Integrating wire-framing into your development plan can improve design efficiency, increase client alignment, and decrease time between inception and product delivery. Discover the power of prototyping and take home best practices you can implement on your next project. This presentation is given by Tableau Visionary Lindsay Betzendahl and Social Ambassador Autumn Battani virtually at the Pittsburg TUG. 

A Tableau Public Featured Author's Dashboard Design Process: Lead Solutions Engineer Sam Epley was a long time DataFam member before he joined Tableau. His visualizations have been Tableau Public’s Viz of the Day and he has been named a Tableau Public Featured Author. Sam shares his overall dashboard design process and goes through the steps to making an impactful visualization. During his presentation at the Chicago TUG, he covers topics like knowing your audience, selecting chart types to tell a clear story, and his favorite resources. 

Designing modern background images for business dashboards with Figma and Tableau: Figma has been getting increasing attention in the Tableau community as a free, user-friendly, web-based app for user interface design. In this 1 hour workshop, Tableau Public Ambassador Kevin Wee walks through creating modern background images for a Tableau dashboard in Figma. In this workshop with Kevin, hosted by the Florida TUG, participants will learn the fundamental functions of Figma in Tableau dashboard creation.

2) Discover how others are using Tableau

Using Tableau Prep for the Iron Viz Championships: Iron Viz 2022 World Championship and Tableau Public Ambassador Will Sutton has 3 weeks to build a compelling data story to compete in the Iron Viz championships. In his presentation, Will share’s his Iron Viz build Tableau Prep Flow, the techniques used, and what improvements he would make now. Watch his presentation at the Tableau Prep TUG. 

Data and Basketball: Portland Trail Blazers Tickets and Premium Business Manager Emily Bartman shares some unique analytics initiatives she's worked on in the NBA, showing how her team has utilized Tableau to make event ticketing and seating data interesting and understandable to decision makers within her organization. 

Implementing Modern Analytics into Bentley Motors: Data Analyst for Bentley Motors Niahm Frogley shares her work facilitating self-service analytics. She’ll discuss her experience being at the forefront of building and developing Tableau dashboards to drive vital business decisions, early adoption and inspire further users across Bentley.

3) Uplevel your Tableau skills 

Jumpstart analytics with Tableau Accelerators: Download ready-to-use dashboards and customize to fit your needs to help you get to data-driven insights faster. Megan Menth, Analytics Consultant at phData demoes their favorite Accelerators like the Contact Center dashboard, and how you can use them for your own projects at the Milwaukee TUG.

Learn the basics of getting started with coding and Tableau: 2022 Tableau DataDev Ambassador, Kyle Massey will share how you can enhance your visualizations through coding and make Tableau work perfectly for your organization, with no experience needed. He’ll cover the basics from REST API fundamentals, software setup, making our first basic calls, and more. Interested in learning more about how to code for Tableau? Join Kyle’s Tableau Coders Initiative User Group.

The Dashboard Trinity: Three things every dashboard should include: Senior Customer Success Manager at Sigma Computing, Paul Lisborg demos his three tips for a better dashboard like enabling Ask Data, placing images on your dashboard and transforming your text into shapes at the Atlanta TUG.

The top 10 most underutilized features in Tableau: Find out what Tableau features you may be sleeping on from former Tableau User Group leader turned Tableau employee, Rashid Minott—including Data Stories, Metrics, Collections, Catalog, Prep Conductor, and more. During his presentation at the Charlotte TUG, Rashid presents the benefits you could get by using certain features and how you can get the most out of Tableau.

Can’t miss upcoming meetups

September 21 | Help everyone see and understand their data at the first Accessibility Tableau User Group meetup. Co-led by Tableau Community members Collin Smith and Emily Kund, this will be a safe space to learn and share best practices around accessibility and data visualization. During this meetup, you'll have the chance to share your accessibility story, hear a case study from the US Paralympic Committee, and discover ways to implement universal design in Tableau. 

Canada Viz Games 2022 by Dima Ghattas

September 21 | The first ever Canada Viz Games is near take off. User Groups across Canada are combining efforts to host an ultimate visualization challenge inspired by Iron Viz—the largest global data visualization competition. Attend the informational meeting along with Iron Quest founder and Tableau Visionary Sarah Bartlett to get all the details on how to participate, prizes, and more.

September 27 | Tableau Visionaries share design tips, techniques and lots of cool things at the Analytics Tableau User Group. Samuel Parsons and Simon Beaumont will explore design choices and interactive functionality that you can apply to your business dashboards to maximize stakeholder engagement and gain insights from your data. Then, watch Ken and Kevin Flerlage (the Flerlage Twins) do a bunch of cool stuff in Tableau—including techniques, new features, and mind-blowing tips that will help you take your business and personal dashboards to the next level and make you more efficient in doing so. This meetup is applicable to users of any experience level.

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