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Tableau User Groups (TUGs) are inclusive meetup events for Tableau enthusiasts to connect, learn and discuss all things Tableau. Explore a curated list of highlights and content from a month of global user group events.

Welcome to the Tableau User Group Monthly, where you can find a curated list of highlights and content from a month of User Group events all over the globe. The User Group Monthly highlights content by topic, allowing readers to synthesize all the top meeting learnings. Share your TUG experiences and learnings using the #TableauUserGroup hashtag on Twitter. 

What are Tableau User Groups?

Tableau User Groups (TUGs) are inclusive meetup events for Tableau enthusiasts to connect, learn and discuss all things Tableau. Find inspiration from your peers across geographies, industries, and interest while advancing your analytics skills. They can take place virtually or in person and are completely Community-led. Explore and join an existing user group or start one of your own here.

Featured upcoming virtual meetups

November 8th | At the Higher Education TUG, meet community member MIT data analyst Laura Urciuoli, and learn how she went from studying animals to studying fundraising prospects, all while picking up Tableau in the process. If we’re lucky, there might be some kittens! Following that talk, Amanda Harper at Appalachian State will talk through Automation tips & tricks from Tableau Prep to Tableau Dashboard.

November 16th | Hosted by Tableau Student Ambassadors, the first StudentXCommunity meetup kicks off with ‘How to create your Viz Resume' by previous Visionary and Iron Viz winner Tristan Guillevin and Nike Insights Analyst and former Student Ambassador, Sabrina Elouardi.

November 11th | The Canada Viz Games Final is here! The Canada Viz Games is a viz competition—think mini Iron Viz—where participants demonstrate their visualizations live. Tune in to see the finalists present their visualization to the judging panel, the final scoring, and the winner announcement. The recording can be found here to catch up on the first session.

My Tableau Journey by Donna Coles

Tableau Public visualization: My Tableau Journey by Donna Coles

November 21st | At the next Analytics TUG, Tableau Visionary and Forums Ambassador Donna Coles will not only talk about her Tableau journey but show us—in viz form! Next, Social Ambassador Jacqui Moore, will share some data visualization lessons she learned in art school that has shaped how she approaches her work in building data solutions. Finally, hear from Thiago Lima who will explore practical tips for building simpler and better dashboards. Thiago will run through some main reasons why business dashboards often fail to engage users, and how to avoid them by leveraging simplicity as a framework to achieve more with less.

Learn from the Community with on-demand User Group meetups

Jumpstart your data journey with Tableau Public

Building a Tableau Public Portfolio: At the Twin Cities TUG, Elisa Davis, Tableau Public Ambassador and co-leader of the Back 2 Viz Basics #B2VB community project, speaks about the importance of building a Tableau Public presence and how to get started. Read Elisa’s interview on how Tableau Public transformed her data career.

Build cleaner dashboards

Prototyping: Building Better Dashboard Designs: Tableau Visionary, Lindsay Betzendahl, and Tableau Ambassador, Autumn Battani showed how you can take a higher-level approach to your dashboard without going too deep in development. This talk includes tips and best practices that you can use immediately.  

Connect with the DataFam

Photo collage of TUG meetups around the world

In-person TUG meetups. Left to right, top to bottom: Melbourne TUG, Data + Women LATAM in Sao Paulo, Japan TUG, Thailand TUG

A big shoutout to our user groups in the Asia Pacific region! Three user groups met up for the first time in person since 2019. The Thailand, Melbourne, and Japan Tableau User Group gathered together to share Tableau best practices and connect with the DataFam. 

The Japan Tableau User Group hosted its inaugural in-person meetup with 100 in-person and 200 virtual attendees. The event was buzzing with excitement—the meetup consisted of keynotes by KT, Rintaro Sugimura, Yusuke Sukai, book signings, a viz gallery, photo booths, and their own VizつくりまSHOW (Viz Game) won by Chiaki Ishida

The LGBTQ+(DataPride) TUG hosted its second event. Social Ambassador, Lawrence Durbin talks about the mission and purpose of the TUG, walking through the significance of the month of October to the LGBTQ+ Community. The meetup also dived into multiple LGBTQ+-related visualizations:

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