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Tableau Server 2022.3

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, which contains additional fixes.

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Tableau Server is not available for mobile devices. Please log in from a desktop computer to download.

Tableau Server has been updated in alignment with security best practices. We encourage Tableau Server customers to update to the latest version here.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

When using Tableau Webhooks an error may occur stating "Webhook FAILED: [HTTP 408] Unable to connect to the url https://webhook..." when there is a proxy server.


Loading embedded dashboards with Extensions when using connected apps would result in an error for the extension.


An error would sometimes occur when moving a workbook to another project resulting in the following error message, "Tried to send an out-of-range integer as a 2-byte value: 33492".


For External Actions, when a string is mapped to a boolean flow input, any non-"false" string defaults to "true".


With the ATR activation method, Server could become unlicensed when the product keys did not all have the same expiration end date and one key had expired. This was resolved on the ATR activation service on October 24 2022. There is no Tableau Server update that need to be completed to obtain this fix.


It would sometimes not be possible to acquire a JDBC Connection for the TDS Service.


An error would display, "Error parsing command parameter value string", when clicking Reset Name for all fields in web authoring. The field names do reset but the error message displays.


ASCII code would show instead of Chinese characters in the "shared with me" dialogue.


When removing a project the dialogue to confirm is truncated in Japanese.


The "Publishing" dialogue box name dropdown would sometimes display workbook names.


After selecting "open workbook" from Tableau Desktop not all published workbooks would display.


The parameter body text font color would be displayed incorrectly.


Tooltips or filters would not respond when embedded into the Salesforce Lightning Web Component unless running in full-screen mode.


When attempting to change a date filter, the following errors could occur, "Unable to complete action month out of range. Value '-2' must be between 1 and 12. Error Code: 58D44822." Another error that can display is "TableauException: month out of range".


The "download" option would sometimes be missing from the "Actions by All users" admin view.

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Tue, October 18, 2022