Known Issues

Use this list to see if an issue affecting you is already known and decide when to upgrade. Fixed issues are removed after 45 days. All fixed issues can be found in Release Notes.

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Issue ID Product Description Status
751916 Tableau Desktop

In some cases, when connecting to Tableau Server via mutual SSL, Tableau Desktop displayed an "error 6 SSL handshake failed" error message.

669546 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When using the NOW() function with a live connection to Snowflake, Tableau followed the data source location time instead of the time configured on the data source server.

677891 Tableau Desktop

When trying to create an extract of Sybase ASE using a MAX() or Top N extract filter, the extract would fail.

742403 Tableau Desktop

In some cases, valid calculations returned an "Invalid datetime error" error message.

622600 Tableau Server

In some cases, web authoring in Safari for iOS would fail to load with an error.

785912 Tableau Server

When attempting to open or web-edit a workbook connected to TabPy on Tableau Server, an "An unexpected error occurred. If you continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server Administrator" error sometimes occurred.

806157 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When running manual or scheduled Snowflake extract refreshes on Tableau Online and Tableau Server 2018.2, the refresh task fails with "Missing Password" error.

769924 Tableau Server

If the time zone on the host system is set to a time zone that is not identified as a named java time zone (Examples: -11:00, -12:00, -3 with 'adjust daylight savings automatically' disabled), TSM fails to initialize at step 13. These uncommonly used time zones in the Pacific makes java default to a generic value for the key Cfg.config.logging.time.zone_id.

810150 Tableau Server

In Tableau Server 2018.2, a DataServiceFailure error would occur when using published extracts if the operating system locale did not match one of the languages in which Tableau's UI is available.

742626 Tableau Online

When selecting Download Data in Chrome with the Grammarly extension installed, an  Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'parse' of undefined error occurred.

674773 Tableau Online

In Tableau Online, when you tried to refresh a published extract which was hosted on AWS, sometimes the refresh failed with a "Lost connection to MySQL server during query" error.

735706 Tableau Online

Sometimes, refreshing an extract using Tableau Bridge consumed a large amount of RAM.

769384 Tableau Online

When attempting to view a workbook connected to published data sources, an ERROR: column ... is not available after aggregation error sometimes occurred.

767371 Tableau Online

For users with the Creator role, an Integrated Authentication option appeared when connecting to data which failed with a Access denied error

761566 Tableau Online

When viewing a story published to Tableau Online, Tableau Server 10.5.2, or Tableau Public using Safari on a Mac, text in the dashboard textboxes was being cut off with ellipses despite word wrap being set to On or Automatic.

736997 Tableau Desktop

When connecting to statistical files, if a field contained a NaN value in its first row, all values in that field would be recognized as NaN.

Fixed in 10.3.13, 10.4.9, 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
695956 Tableau Desktop

When using Thai language data, some fonts, including the default font, rendered some characters incorrectly.

Fixed in 10.3.14, 10.4.10, 10.5.7, 2018.1.4
789218 Tableau Desktop

In some cases, tooltips on a tree map had one character cut off.

Fixed in 10.3.14, 10.4.10, 10.5.7, 2018.1.4
715826 Tableau Desktop

Updated the Google Analytics connector with additional dimensions and metrics.

Fixed in 10.4.9, 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
777699 Tableau Desktop

Appending a Microsoft Access file to an extract would fail with an error: Unable to append data from file. Microsoft JET database error 0x80004005: Unrecognized database format

Fixed in 10.4.9, 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
740954 Tableau Desktop

After you performed a union of CSV or Excel files, merging mismatched fields would, in some cases, result in an Incompatible types error.

Fixed in 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
742862 Tableau Desktop

On macOS, if you exported a sheet as a crosstab and the file path or file name of the export contained a Chinese, Japanese, or Korean character, the export file would not be created or the resulting file name would have garbled characters.

Fixed in 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
763845 Tableau Desktop

In some cases, unexpected metadata queries would be sent to the underlying database in workbooks using an extracted data source.

Fixed in 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
766003 Tableau Desktop

Data appended to a .tde extract using Tableau 10.5 or higher could be lost when you edited the data source in an existing workbook.

Fixed in 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
767195 Tableau Desktop

Malformed SQL queries and resulting errors could sometimes occur when using a date parameter to modify a view.

Fixed in 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
768852 Tableau Desktop

A day to date relative date filter would only return data for midnight of the same day instead of the specified day to date.

Fixed in 10.5.6, 2018.1.2
785027 Tableau Desktop

In Tableau Desktop, when using the Append Data from File (or Append Data from Data Source) command to add data to an extract which had a data source filter applied to it, the correct “number of records added” notification appeaed, but the new data set did not appear in the view.

Fixed in 10.5.7, 2018.1.4
785071 Tableau Desktop

After setting the Start page to the Sites page, Server Administrators were unable to log into some Tableau Server sites from Tableau Desktop.

Fixed in 10.5.7, 2018.1.4, 2018.2
788157 Tableau Desktop

When using a date range slider in a dashboard in Tableau Desktop on a Mac, the values at both ends of the slider were partially hidden.

Fixed in 10.5.7, 2018.1.4
791255 Tableau Desktop

After upgrading to Tableau Desktop 10.5, blanks in shape files were no longer shown as NULL, which caused unexpected behavior in calculations.

Fixed in 10.5.7, 2018.1.4
777382 Tableau Desktop

Missing field errors could occur when opening workbooks connected to Google Analytics.

Fixed in 2018.1.3
781162 Tableau Desktop

With accelerated graphics enabled, text that was formatted to use a large font size was not rendered correctly.

Fixed in 2018.1.3
782424 Tableau Desktop

In some environments, the Edit Axis dialog would appear blank or as a black box.

Fixed in 2018.1.3
794147 Tableau Desktop

In Tableau Desktop for Mac, it was not possible to connect to SAP HANA as the driver was not being properly recognized.

Fixed in 2018.1.3, 10.4
774517 Tableau Desktop

Using Tableau Desktop 2018.1, a debug.log file appeared when you installed or double clicked a workbook.

Fixed in 2018.1.4
781632 Tableau Desktop

When you upgraded a workbook containing a live SAP HANA connection to 2018.1, a "No such column" error appeared when loading workbook.

Fixed in 2018.1.4
782421 Tableau Desktop

When connecting to an Azure SQL Data Warehouse stored procedure with Tableau Desktop 2018.1, no values were returned.

Fixed in 2018.1.4
791525 Tableau Desktop

“Tableau has stopped working” appeared when executing “addfiletoextract” after adding a calculation that contained a parameter.

Fixed in 2018.1.4
666906 Tableau Desktop

Updated Japanese postcode data.

Fixed in 9.2.25, 9.3.23, 10.0.19, 10.1.18, 10.2.14, 10.3.12, 10.4.8, 10.5.5, 2018.1.2, 2018.2
775349 Tableau Desktop

In histogram views, the axis labels did not match the bin values represented by the marks in the view.

Fixed in 2018.1.2, 2018.2
684992 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When you were connected to IBM DB2 and using date filters, the TIMESTAMP_ISO function was sometimes used in queries which negatively impacted performance.

Fixed in 2018.2, 2018.2, 2018.2
648932 Tableau Desktop

With accelerated graphics enabled, text in annotations that was set to a font size of 48pt or higher was not rendered cleanly on some systems.

Fixed in 2018.2
659477 Tableau Desktop

In some Mac environments, visualizations would either disappear or turn into black boxes on when the Tableau Desktop window was dragged to a secondary display.

Fixed in 2018.2
714926 Tableau Desktop

Updated postcode data for the Czech Republic.

Fixed in 2018.2
738329 Tableau Desktop

An unknown collation error would occur when connecting to CSV files using the Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) locale.

Fixed in 2018.2
749709 Tableau Desktop

In some cases where some sheets in a dashboard have been filtered down to display a single data point, tooltips containing views (Viz in tooltip) would show the same view when hovering over marks in different sheets.

Fixed in 2018.2
758041 Tableau Desktop

In some cases, calculated fields containing multiple level of detail expressions returned unexpected results.

Fixed in 2018.2
788695 Tableau Prep

When using a relative date filter, the filter and Change list displayed the incorrect date range, although the data returned was correct and could be verified by examining the profile pane.

Fixed in 2018.2.1
801674 Tableau Prep

After editing a value in the Group and Replace editor and pressing Enter, the field scrolled back to the top of the value list.

Fixed in 2018.2.2
795956 Tableau Prep

Scroll bar was missing from the pivot pane.

Fixed in 2018.2.2
785177 Tableau Prep

When you connected to a Text file that was field separated by vertical bars, Tableau Prep did not always split the column as expected.

Fixed in 2018.2.2
802684 Tableau Prep

In some cases, Tableau Prep closed unexpectedly while trying to save a packaged flow.

Fixed in 2018.2.2
806084 Tableau Prep

In Tableau Prep 2018.2.1, it was not possible to change a field's data type from the input pane.

Fixed in 2018.2.2
807311 Tableau Prep

Values containing the character &, could not be renamed or edited.

Fixed in 2018.2.2
791694 Tableau Prep

When opening a .tfl file with custom SQL, Tableau Prep quit responding and the file did not load.

Fixed in 2018.2.2
715791 Tableau Server

Unexpected characters appeared in parameter control buttons when viewing published views using Google Chrome set to display in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

Fixed in 10.3.13, 10.4.9, 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
769297 Tableau Server

When viewing published workbooks connected to Snowflake, the workbooks would intermittently fail to load with an error: Unable to connect to the data source. Try connecting again. If the problem persist, disconnect from the data source and contact the data source owner. Authentication token has expired. The user must authenticate again.

Fixed in 10.4.9, 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
774673 Tableau Server

Fixed size dashboards that were wider, but shorter, than the browser window or mobile device screen could not be scrolled horizontally until the window was resized or you rotated the device.

Fixed in 10.4.9, 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
770842 Tableau Server

Incremental extract refreshes for data sources containing a data source filter, and a join between tables with identical column names, could fail to refresh the data.

Fixed in 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
775639 Tableau Server

VizQL Server processes could sometimes crash when you loaded a view using URL filters/parameters.

Fixed in 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
777413 Tableau Server

Some REST API responses did not validate against the expected XSD schema.

Fixed in 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
780472 Tableau Server

In some cases, scheduled extract refreshes could not run due to Backgrounder processes being tied up with other internal tasks.

Fixed in 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
782884 Tableau Server

Some workbooks published to Tableau Server on Linux would constantly fail to load with an error: /tmp/.... is not an allowed path for query-file

Fixed in 10.5.6, 2018.1.3
775997 Tableau Server

When no Data Engine process was present on the Primary server, site export failed.

Fixed in 10.5.7, 2018.1.4
783632 Tableau Server

Data downloaded from a view using Download > Data showed internal names for any measures referenced in Measure Names on the view.

Fixed in 10.5.7, 2018.1.4
781666 Tableau Server

Saving a custom view would fail after sorting some views.

Fixed in 2018.1.3
784414 Tableau Server

When opening a view that uses a published data source, an "Unable to connect to the data source DataServiceFailure" error sometimes occurred.

Fixed in 2018.1.4
792293 Tableau Server

In some cases, duplicate site users were created for a single user during Active Directory sync.

Fixed in 2018.1.4
793268 Tableau Server

When Tableau Server language was set to German, it was not possible to edit permissions.

Fixed in 2018.1.4
762268 Tableau Server

In the Tableau Mobile app on Android devices, changing a filter selection or selecting a mark did not update the view or the selection would reset.

Fixed in 10.5.5, 2018.1.2, 2018.2
742934 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

In some cases, if you had multiple sheets with viz in tooltip on a dashboard, the views in the tooltips would not render when you moved your cursor between the sheets.

Fixed in 2018.2, 2018.2
750845 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

SAP HANA variables and input parameters, set for a given workbook, were not respected when generating subscription emails for views in the workbook.

Fixed in 2018.2, 2018.2
755082 Tableau Server

In some rare cases, changing a filter selection would cause an infinite spinner and the view would fail to update.

Fixed in 2018.2
773171 Tableau Server

Downloading data from some workbooks containing special characters in the workbook or sheet titles would result in an internal error.

Fixed in 2018.2
767638 Tableau Online

In Tableau Online, sometimes viz-in-tooltips failed to load.

Fixed in 2018.2