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From sales and marketing data to financial and HR records, organizations everywhere are moving their data to the cloud. Are you ready to move your analytics to the cloud?

Tableau Desktop empowers individual business users to easily connect to and visualize data with drag and drop analytics. Now it's time to expand the impact of your data.

Give your entire organization access to governed data, reports, and interactive dashboards with Tableau Online and Talbeau Server on public cloud. From a fully hosted solution to the flexibility of choosing any major public cloud provider, your IT team can choose the deployment option that best fits your needs today, and tomorrow.

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Tableau Online is a hosted business intelligence tool that allows you to easily share data and visualizations across your organization.

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We wanted to liberate the data and get it out to our users. And the way that we did that was through Tableau Online. I'm not having to worry about firewalls and configuring things correctly. It's there in the cloud, secure for my key executives to access anytime—even on a JetSuite aircraft at 40,000 feet.

Are your business analytics ready for the cloud?

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From Microsoft Office 365 to Salesforce and Google Analytics, cloud services are exploding in popularity. Is the cloud right for your business analytics? Learn about the factors you need to consider when transitioning to the cloud.

Customer Story
Aeria Games plays smarter & faster with cloud data

Germany’s Aeria Games uses cloud services to make smart investments and foster innovation in a rapidly changing industry. In this interview, business intelligence manager Kirill Andriychuk explains how Aeria shares data insights across the globe using Tableau Online.

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CIOs everywhere know data is vital to their organization’s success. But how and where is data used by businesses today? The Cloud Data Brief explores how thousands of companies are storing and analyzing their data, and explains the latest trends in the move to the cloud.

In a matter of a day, Tableau Online enabled us to create reports and push them out across our organization. Different individuals are connecting to those reports online from any point in the world. It's extremely flexible. And from my perspective it's very cost-efficient.

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