GE Aviation

GE Aviation’s fleet of 35,000 engines produce more than 100 million flight records each year, which equates to roughly one million terabytes of data captured each day. From engine diagnostics and maintenance requirements, to flight patterns and fuel usage, this data can be used to accelerate industry-wide efficiency and growth. By leveraging Tableau’s leading analytics platform, GE Aviation is making it easier for airlines to access, understand and take action on this data. Airlines can now explore customer reports created in Tableau through Predix, GE’s cloud-based software platform for industrial applications. Airlines can perform further analysis of sensor data from the flight (from engines, airframes, flaps, landing gear etc.) as well as the health of the aircraft itself (ground operations, maintenance, crewing etc.) with Tableau’s powerful, easy-to-use platform.

The combination of Tableau and Predix allows customers to harmonize GE Aviation's industry domain expertise across aircraft engines and systems with key operational insights through streamlined dashboards and meaningful reports to be shared across the organization. Bringing these capabilities together empowers aviation customers with agile visual analytics that improve fuel efficiency, aircraft safety, and consumers' overall flight experience.

Aviation customers using Tableau

The amount of aviation data generated is significant in terms of volume, velocity and variety. One flight can produce 1 TB of data ranging from operational data (baggage handling, aircraft maintenance, scheduling) to flight data (engines, weather reports, landing gear). But harnessing that data 'potential' from scratch is not always easy. Guessing at the answers - or being reactive instead of proactive in answering them - undermines a company's ability to be competitive in the market.

Aviation companies are tapping into the power of Tableau to perform advanced analytics that allow them to plan ahead and optimize performance. The result is increased productivity, minimized downtime, and capitalized market opportunities.

Tableau on GE Predix Platform

The Tableau on GE Predix platform offers a standardized way for businesses to quickly take advantage of operational and business innovations. Users can develop industrial apps in the cloud that turn real-time data into actionable insights by securely connecting machines and data to the entire organization. The cloud model enables improved system governance, security, and scale with ease. With same-day activation, Predix cloud allows mobile staff, field operators, plant managers, business analysts to build their own data models and deliver on key business outcomes.

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