Big Data

Exploring and analyzing big data translates information into insight. However, the massive scale, growth and variety of data are simply too much for traditional databases to handle. For this reason, businesses are turning towards technologies such as Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL databases to meet their rapidly evolving data needs. Tableau works closely with the leaders in this space to support any platform that our customers choose. Tableau lets you find that value in your company’s data and existing investments in those technologies, so that your company gets the most out of its data. From manufacturing to marketing, finance to aviation- Tableau helps businesses see and understand Big Data.

Enhancing the use of Big Data in your organization

Analytics for all of your data

Tableau empowers people throughout the organization to answer questions of their data, large or small, in real-time. The more questions they ask, the more value they extract from the data, leading to smarter business decision every day. Tableau allows you to have one interface for all of your data, regardless of where that data is stored.

Light up your Big Data

No matter what kind of data consumption or storage software you’re using, from various Hadoop distributions to NoSQL databases to Spark, Tableau integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure. And while Big Data can be inherently messy and complex, the ecosystem around it is quickly evolving to enable you to structure that data for easy exploration or accelerate the performance of the NoSQL and Hadoop databases so they feel much more like the traditional databases that you’re used to.

Maximum business impact

Big Data platforms enable you to collect, store and manage more data than ever before. Previously unseen patterns emerge when we combine and cross-examine very large data sets. These patterns contain critical business insights that allow for the optimization of business processes that cross department lines.

Consolidate and democratize data

Tableau reduces the need to pull individual reports from multiple software or databases. See it all in one place and discover new patterns you might never have seen using separate individual reports. Furthermore, explore this data through the eyes of your entire organization, allowing for more questions to be asked and more discoveries to be made.

Tableau and Big Data: An Overview

Read this paper to learn more about our rich history of investments ahead of the curve in big data—including data connectivity from Hadoop and NoSQL platforms to cloud data warehouses. See how some of our customers have architected successful big data analytics solutions with technologies across the big data ecosystem, including a breakdown of common patterns.

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The world is moving slowly along this big data paradigm and we're waking up to the power of what we've got in our databases. Up to now, we didn't have the ability to mine that properly. Now with Tableau, we’re much more focused on the data.