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Tableau is an analytics and BI leader

Gartner has named Tableau a leader for the fifth year in a row.

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Big Data
The 5 Most Influential Data Visualizations of All Time

Data helps find opportunities and resolve misunderstandings. These 5 visualizations—the works of Snow, Rosling, Minard, Nightingale, and Priestley—are evidence of that. They influenced people’s...

Working with Data
Maximizing the Value of Analytics and Big Data

As prior Aberdeen research has shown managing growing volumes, speed and complexity of data is challenge enough. But, once you have corralled your data, how do you get value from it? This...

Big Data
Tableau for the Enterprise: An IT Overview

Tableau helps people see and understand their data. Gone are the days when insight from data was restricted to a few erudite analysts and IT. The era of data discovery presents a new set of...

Business Intelligence
7 signs you need self-service reports & what's in it for IT

In the age of data discovery, a lot is riding on IT leaders and their teams. Managing the rapidly evolving data infrastructure is a challenge, not to mention the delicate balance between data...

Business Intelligence
Get More for Your Money: Get More Insight From SAP

In this white paper, Aberdeen Senior Analyst David White for Business Intelligence and ERP Analyst Nick Castellina team up to look at the value customers can get from applying Business...

Business Dashboards
Which Chart or Graph is Right for You?

You’ve got data and you’ve got questions, but what's the best way to visualize that data to get the answers you need? Transforming data into an effective visualization or dashboard is the first...

Business Dashboards
5 Steps to Prevent & Detect Fraud Using Data Analytics

The sophistication and complexity of fraud schemes continue to grow and outclass conventional anti-fraud measures. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) 2018 Report to...

Data Visualization
Excel: Great hammer, lousy screwdriver

For many, Excel is the go-to analysis tool of choice. But as pressure mounts to glean more insight from your data, Excel can’t always deliver the insight you seek. Trying to use Excel for advanced...

Business Intelligence
Tableau Server Security, Version 8

Ensuring robust security is top of mind when deploying most applications, but when the solution is focused on your organization’s critical data it is especially important to get it right. ...

Data Discovery
In-Memory or Live Data: Which Is Better?

When is it better to use in-memory technology, versus a live connection? Sometimes companies need to employ both approaches, for different situations. Download this whitepaper to review...