Introducing Tableau Services Manager (TSM)

Kitty Chou, Manager, Product Management at Tableau
Michael Hetrick, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tableau

Tableau Services Manager (TSM) is the comprehensive tool for installing and managing Tableau Server. It contains an enhanced user experience with both a command-line interface (CLI) and a web interface for server administrators.

TSM includes a new distributed architecture that addresses key customer pain points such as eliminating the need for a dedicated backup primary machine. It also adds the ability to dynamically add/remove certain server processes without restarting server. Some of TSM's benefits:

  • Tableau Services Manager (TSM) replaces multiple tools from previous versions of Tableau Server
  • Flexibility & Ease of Automation
  • No more primary + worker(s)
  • Hot Topology
  • Faster Upgrades

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About the authors


Kitty Chou

Manager, Product Management at Tableau

Kitty manages the Server and Cloud Platform Product Management team at Tableau. Since joining Tableau in 2016, she has helped to deliver a variety of features to improve the experience of managing and deploying Tableau Server. This includes tools for scripting the deployment of Tableau Server, dynamic topology changes in the new Tableau Services Manager (TSM), and various improvements to HA, backup/restore, and security. She is constantly looking for new ways to delight the IT Professionals and Server Administrators of Tableau Server. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in computer science from Harvard University.


Michael Hetrick

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tableau

Michael Hetrick is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Tableau. He draws upon his frontline experience as a customer, consultant, and services delivery manager to help customers operate their mission-critical Tableau deployments and to share modern analytics best practices.