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Gartner has named Tableau a leader for the fifth year in a row.

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Data Discovery
Becoming a data-driven organization: 7 keys of data discovery

Data discovery is a powerful trend causing reverberations throughout the business intelligence industry. In traditional BI software, data was controlled and dished out by the arcane few with the...

Industry Analysts
TDWI Best Practices Report: Customer Analytics in the Age of Social Media

Customers today are more than just customers. Using social media networking, they influence others and reveal their buying interests in products and services. Organizations know that to compete...

Business Intelligence
5 steps to better business intelligence

After a 30-year history of the BI industry, best practices are finally emerging. And for the most part, those best practices involve throwing out the first 25 years of the industry. Perhaps “...

Big Data
Exploiting Big Data: Strategies for Integrating with Hadoop to Deliver Business Insights

There’s a revolution afoot in the way organizations architect the flow of data to support reporting and analysis applications. The ringleader of the revolution is big data. This e-book...

Big Data
Vertica & Tableau Solution Overview

Organizations capable of monetizing ALL of their data in real-time — structured, semi-structured, and unstructured — have been rewarded with generous valuations and financial success. A common...

Data Visualization
Tableau Metadata Model

When it comes to metadata, most business intelligence (BI) platforms go one of two ways: either model the entire enterprise as a first step, or model nothing. Many “next generation” business...

Data Visualization
Saved by the Bell: 12 tips to take advantage of social media in 2012

Throughout 2011, social media continued to be a hot topic. Google entered the race with Google+, Facebook continues to evolve with new targeting opportunities and early this year Twitter...

Business Intelligence
Tableau Customers are Driving for Self-Service Business Intelligence

Business owners want – and need – to answer questions about their business quickly, accurately and easily. Aberdeen’s March 2011 report,...

Big Data
TDWI's Intro to Big Data Analysis

Big data analytics is where advanced analytic techniques operate on big data sets—one of the most profound trends in business intelligence today. Using advanced analytics, businesses can study big...

Data Visualization
4 Steps For Improving Healthcare Productivity Using Dashboards and Data Visualization

When budgets are tight, healthcare organization need to use their resources wisely and make efficient decisions—without compromising quality of patient care. Using visual data analysis hospitals...