Wiki Data Contest Entries

We had lots of great entries to the Wiki Data Viz Contest! While we send these to our internal panel of expert judges to pick the overall winner, explore the entries below by click on the screenshots and vote for your Crowd Favorite by tweeting using their special hashtags!

Adam McCann

Alexandria Duke

Ben Fox

Brian Prestidge

Carl Allchin

Chris Love

Chris Cox

Chris Cox (Second Entry)

Chris Toomey

Craig Dewar

Curtis Harris

Curtis Harris (Second Entry)

David Newman

Jeff Ingram

Jess Melville

Jonathan Trajkovic

Joshua Tapley

KK Molugu

Matt Chambers

Maxime Kehon

Murat Kazanci

Murat Kazanci (Second Entry)

Neil Charles

Nelson Davis

Nick Bignell

Paul Banoub

Prasanth Ram Jaganathan

Rob Austin

Robert Rouse

Robert Rouse (Second Entry)

Robert Radburn

Russell Spangler

Sean Reynolds

Shine Pulikathara

Stephen Wagner

Stephen Wagner

Stephen Mitchell

Steve Fenn

Steven Rouk

Stewart Pickering

Taru Gupta

Thomas McCullough

Uday Shar

Wes Strait

William Aubrey

William Aubrey (Second Entry)

Voting is open until Thursday, March 26th at 11:59pm Pacific Time. The winner of the Crowd Favorite prize, as well as the overall winner, will be announced on Friday. Happy voting!