Visualizing Women's Impact to History Through Data Visualization

Recognizing and honoring women throughout history with 36 vizzes from the DataFam.

Every March, we celebrate women who have educated us, inspired us, led us, and significantly impacted the direction of society during Women's History Month. In the age of data-driven insights, it's fitting to explore how data visualization can be a powerful tool in telling the stories of women's achievements, struggles, and progress.

Explore this selection of data visualization from the Tableau Community to learn something new, interact with women-focused data, and spot patterns, trends, and outliers. Don’t forget to star your favorites and follow these authors on Tableau Public.

Women in Parliament

Irene Diomi

Visible Women

Judit Bekker

Women in leadership

Ellen Blackburn

Women in Olympics

Kelly Tan

Women in STEM

Amber Reed

Noteable Women


Boston Women Voters

Branden Kornell

Women in Government Worldwide

Oana Tudorancea & Nicole Klassen

Beyoncé's Grammys

Lisa Trescott

Want to go beyond just exploring vizzes about the topic? Consider joining a Tableau Community Project and vizzing alongside others. Participating is great way to recieve feedback and practice your data skills.

For example, this month's Iron Quest theme is women. "Your viz can focus on any aspect of the theme that you wish. You might choose to viz about inspirational women in entertainment, sports, business, inspiring writers, or even notable women from history. You could also visualize social issues that impact women such as the gender pay gap, healthcare, or female representation in politics." Get all the details and learn how to participate.

As we celebrate Women's History Month, let us embrace the power of data visualization to tell the stories of women's triumphs, challenges, and ongoing efforts toward equality. By harnessing the potential of visual representation, we can honor the past and advocate for a more inclusive and equitable future. Let the data speak, and let us all be inspired to contribute to a world where women's history is not just celebrated in March but recognized and valued every day.