Use the new Qualtrics Web Data Connector to analyze survey data

Survey data is difficult to collect, hard to export and challenging to analyze. Now, with the new web data connector for Qualtrics, Tableau customers have an easy way to work around these common problems and understand their survey data in a way they never could before.

Survey data can be challenging to collect, export, and analyze. The good news: Tableau’s new Web Data Connector for Qualtrics makes it easier to see and understand survey data.

Before you can analyze survey data, you first have to collect it. That's where the questions often rise: What's the best way to organize the survey? Will it work for mobile devices or over SMS? Can we integrate with our CRM? Qualtrics answers these questions with an intuitive interface, comprehensive mobile survey capabilities (shown below), and seamless integration with complementary tools like Salesforce.

Once you’ve gathered your data, you have to export it. Nearly every survey tool relies on spreadsheet exports. With Qualtrics, you can skip that step entirely and connect inside Tableau Desktop using the new Web Data Connector. You can even update the connection as you collect more data.

Once you've connected, go beyond the responses in your survey data. Drag and drop to quickly quantify. Analyze your responses with one-click aggregations and statistics tools. You can even organize your responses with hierarchies and folders. And you can publish the data and your visualizations to Tableau Server or Tableau Online to share with your colleagues.

Sign up for a free trial of Qualtrics, and download a free trial of Tableau Desktop to get started. You can also stop by the Qualtrics booth at Tableau Conference to see the power of the direct web connector in action.

Edit: Qualtrics also has detailed information on their website regarding this integration if you would like to learn more.