Raise Revenue and Lower Costs with Usage-Based Licensing for Tableau Embedded Analytics

Learn about usage-based licensing for Embedded Analytics–a more scalable, agile, and cost-effective way to extend the power of Tableau

You might already be adept at using data internally, but the next opportunity for your business lies beyond the walls of your organization. With Tableau’s usage-based licensing model for Tableau Embedded Analytics, you can capture cost savings and monetize your insights externally.

We’ve evolved our licensing model so you can pay for usage–not users–to get flexible pricing that works for your business. With this offering, you can unlock the full benefits of Tableau Embedded Analytics in a more scalable, agile, and cost-effective way. Convert your data into real financial value by:

  • Selling data products and information solutions to capture new revenue streams
  • Bundling your core products with analytics features and experiences to improve customer acquisition and retention and increase customers’ willingness to pay
  • Driving process improvements with suppliers and partners to optimize income and enhance business resilience

Tableau has always been licensed so people can use it in the way that best suits them. We first tailored licensing by role, so everyone can see and use data in ways that fit their needs. Now, let’s take a look at how the latest innovation in our licensing model fits your business.

How usage-based licensing works for your application

Whether it’s helping customers monetize retail data, create supply chain efficienciesimprove R&D processes, or enhance people, payroll, and payments solutions, Tableau Embedded Analytics enables businesses to become more customer-centric and achieve success now. With Tableau Embedded Analytics, you can embed and customize Tableau’s core capabilities into your offering to create seamless analytical experiences. 

Image of IDBS dashboard that shows number of experiments and status of experiments

IDBS empowers R&D organizations around the world with self-service embedded analytics from Tableau

With usage-based licensing, you now have access to an innovative licensing model on top of a best-in-class analytics platform. Usage-based licensing applies to users with the Viewer site role. Rather than paying per Viewer license, you pay for entitlements of Analytical Impressions. 

Analytical Impressions are our way of measuring usage. When Viewers perform specific actions, they use Analytical Impressions that decrement from the pool you purchased. To track your usage, we provide your organization with regular statements. These updates provide full transparency so you can audit billing and usage.

You can buy additional Analytical Impressions at any point. If you end up going over the amount purchased, you won't lose access to Analytical Impressions. Instead, we'll bill in arrears so access isn't interrupted. 

License with flexibility and agility

Usage-based licensing enables you to make adjustments as needs arise. This is particularly valuable with embedded scenarios, where external parties can add an extra layer of variability and uncertainty. Instead of paying for annual licenses that might go unused or underutilized, you can incrementally add volume. In turn, usage-based licensing reduces upfront investment and risk by ensuring you only pay for what you need. 

Entitlements for Analytical Impressions last the full length of your contract term. Since you can use entitlements at any point in your contract term, you won’t have to worry about seasonality or premature entitlement expirations. Instead, you can proactively monitor and audit your usage through automated monthly statements to know when and how many entitlements you should purchase. 

Scale analytics beyond your organization

With Tableau Embedded Analytics, your audience can be nearly anyone and everyone. By leveraging usage-based licensing, you can reach more users with a licensing model designed to help you do more with less.

Access to analytics was typically restricted to people who use data enough to justify the cost for a license. But now, you can pay for usage to provide analytics for even the most infrequent users without worrying about the cost of an additional license. 

Usage-based licensing not only enables scale, but it actively promotes growth. When you embed Tableau into your applications and products, your product can generate new business and improve customer retention. With Tableau’s flexible platform and powerful developer tools, you can deliver experiences customers love to enhance customer loyalty. 

GIF of Tableau Embedded Analytics for a fictitious company

Drive efficiencies and revenue with Tableau Embedded Analytics

As you share analytics with more users, you can achieve economies of scale and optimize income. To help with this, we designed usage-based licensing to make your data a source of revenue instead of an expense. Under this model, you only pay for what your business and customers get value from, such as accessing insights that drive better business results. 

In addition to a licensing model that fits your needs, Tableau Embedded Analytics helps optimize time and resources to improve productivity.  With Tableau Embedded Analytics, you can buy a best-in-class solution instead of spending time and effort building one in-house. In doing so, you can diversify revenue streams while keeping your development teams focused on the core parts of the business. Our turnkey solution significantly speeds up product development and maintenance, helping you get to market fast and capitalize on opportunity.

Get started with Embedded Analytics

When you purchase Tableau Embedded Analytics, you join a partnership committed to the success of your business. There’s no better time than now to get started with Tableau Embedded Analytics. If you’re interested in learning more, please check out the following resources: