Tableau Server Honored to Win WTIA "Business Product of the Year" Award

It's true what they say - it's an honor to be nominated and it's at least as nice to win. Last night, Tableau was honored as "business product of the year" in the 13th Annual Industry Achievement Awards (IAA) sponsored by the Washington Technology Industry Association or WTIA (formerly known as the Washington Software Association). This is our 2nd win in 3 years - and our 3rd consecutive year as a finalist.

We won for Tableau Server, a product introduced in 2007 that helps our customers share their data discoveries and insights across their organizations easily and elegantly to people armed only with a browser.

We were up against stiff competition from BioPassword, an application that uses how you type in a password as part of its security measures, and Formotus, a mobile application development program that promises you don't have to be a programmer to use it.

So thank you, WTIA judges. We appreciate the compliment and will keep working to live up to it.

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