Tableau Server Now Available on AWS Marketplace

We’re excited to announce that Tableau has joined the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

We’re excited to announce that Tableau has joined the Amazon Web Services Marketplace with an option to quickly deploy Tableau Server in the cloud. The AWS Marketplace is an online store that helps customers find, buy, and immediately use products that run in the AWS cloud. Our offering on Marketplace provides yet another way to deploy a collaborative Tableau environment in addition to the options of installing Tableau Server on your own on premises hardware or using our hosted service, Tableau Online.

How it Works

A Tableau Server Amazon Machine image (AMI) now launches from the AWS Marketplace via a seamless one-click experience. When you go to the Tableau page within the AWS Marketplace, select the size of virtual machine you want, then click to launch, a virtual machine spins up with a pre-installed Tableau Server instance. The only setup required involves registering and creating the Tableau Server admin account. This is a "bring-your-own-license" offering, which means if you already have a license for Tableau Server you simply insert it at the registration step. If you don't have a Tableau Server license, but still want to test things out, there is the 14-day free trial option (Note: If you choose the free trial option, you are still charged the hourly rate for the virtual server by Amazon). After your trial experience, you can simply obtain a Tableau Server license from our sales team and continue in the cloud environment you've already set up.

Check out our AWS Marketplace resource page for more information, and be sure to watch the overview video below.