Politics Viz Contest: We Have Our Winners!

Wow, what an amazing second Iron Viz feeder contest we just wrapped up! With so many great entries, it was a tough to chose a winner, and the Twitter community sympathised:

We also loved seeing people sharing their knowledge by blogging about how they made their #IronViz entries.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for: Here are our winners!

Crowd-Favorite: Brit Cava, United States of Guns

The community loved how Brit Cava told a very topical subject for the US using data in such an elegant way.


Big Winner: Robert Rouse, US vs. THEM

Robert Rouse created a beautiful viz that combined storytelling features, clean design, and some very clever embedded URLs to make this viz. Want to know how he got that eye-catching title gif to work? Check out his blog post here. Robert will join us on stage at TC16 in Austin for a chance at the title of Iron Viz champion!

Once again, a huge congratulations to both of our winners, and thank you to all our contestants for continuing to amaze us with your work! We have one more Iron Viz feeder contest to go. That means you have one more change to join us at TC16 for the ultimate viz glory!