New Feature: Favorite a Viz!

Great news for Tableau Public authors: we've just added a new Favorite feature to viz home pages to let you indicate which vizzes you like the most! Think a fellow author did a particularly great job on a visualization that they published to Tableau Public? Give them kudos by clicking on the 'Favorite' star icon in the top right corner of the viz home page, like this one by Skyler Johnson:

As soon as you favorite a viz for the first time, you'll notice that a new section appears in your Tableau Public author profile page next to Followers and Following that contains a collection of all of the vizzes you've ever favorited. You can see I've been pretty busy playing with this new feature:

This section of your profile gives you ready-access to all the vizzes you love and reference the most. You can also think of it as your own personal "Greatest Hits" gallery. The Tableau Public team has had our own Greatest Hits gallery for a while now, and we love it so much that we thought we'd give you the ability to make one, too.

We're just getting started with this feature, and we're excited that the community of authors now has a way to collect and show their favorite Tableau Public vizzes.

Give it a try - start building your own collection of amazing work, and share with us the first one you ever favorite by including the hashtag #MyFirstFavoriteViz and a link to the viz itself.