International Women's Day 2017

March 8 is International Women's Day, celebrated for nearly 100 years! The Tableau Public team celebrates the contributions of women in the Tableau community every day, but today in particular we wanted you to recognize them and see some of their work too.

Laura Peterson

Laura Peterson works out of London where she's a trainee consultant at The Information Lab.

Chantilly Juggernauth

Chantilly Juggernauth is a former Tableau Featured Author, and recently participated in the #OpenData Hackathon

Alessandra de Castro

Alessandra de Castro holds a masters degree in music and is a Digital Content Manager at Allrecipes.

Ann Jackson

Ann Jackson is a Data Visualization Consultant who writes at

Kelly Gilbert

Kelly Gilbert is a Sr. Lead Analyst at Chick-fil-A in Atlanta and is an active participant in #MakeoverMonday.

Iaroslava Mizai

Iaroslava Mizai is a current Tableau Featured Author who vizzes out of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Lindsey Poulter

Lindsey Poulter is a Data Visualization Analyst at Evolytics in Kansas City.

Rebecca Abrahams

Rebecca Abrahams vizzes out of Worcester, UK where she's a reporting Consultant for Open GI.

Erika Monteiro

Erika Monteiro is a prolific vizzer coming to us from São Paulo, Brazil.

Tell us about all of the women you know doing amazing vizzes in the Tableau Public community! Shout to us on Twitter or by sending us an email!