As part of our ongoing effort to support President Obama's Open Government Initiative, we have analyzed another informative, albeit disturbing data set from the FBI that we found at Explore the viz below to learn about hate crimes in the United States and the prevalence of certain offenses. The south, once the center of racial inequality and struggle in the United States, has low reported rates of hate crimes.

This data set offers a rare view into the darker corners of American society. As one might expect, the less harshly punished non-violent crimes constitute the bulk of the reported offenses- intimidation and vandalism alone account for well over half of the occurrences. There are some surprises in the data. For instance, simple assault is relatively more common in South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Maine and Vermont- not necessarily states one associates with violent crimes.


The are some strange leaders. What's up with Simple asaults in South Dakota and aggravated assualts in DC? And why is Arson so popular in Vermont?

Nice Viz, Ross. This confirms that I do not want to live in South Dakota unless I want to get stolen from, burgled, set on fire or simply assaulted.

Thank you both for your comments. Hopefully, the South Dakotan data is a reflection of a very upstanding and accepting population who are not afraid to report a crime as "hate motivated".