Featured Authors: Black History Month

We’re excited to introduce the new cohort of Featured Authors and continue to be amazed by the work these data rock stars have been doing.

Black History Month—recognized in February in the US and Canada—celebrates the history, culture, and achievements of African Americans and is a time to celebrate Black communities and their contributions. 

Join us as we honor the impact of the African American Tableau Community throughout February. We’re excited to introduce the new cohort of Featured Authors and continue to be amazed by the work these data rock stars have been doing for the last few months or even years. 

Adekola Aliu

Aliu Adekola is a senior statistics student at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife who has been using Tableau Public since 2022. Tableau Public has given him a voice to communicate his findings and share his insights with a wider audience. He enjoys visualizing data on various topics, especially those related to his country, education, and environmental issues. An active participant in community projects such as #MakeOverMonday, #EduVizzer, #DiversityInData, and #VizForSocialGood and is always seeking new ways to use his skillsto create positive impact. His favorite part of Tableau Public is the supportive community and the opportunities they provide for data enthusiasts to collaborate and learn from each other. Connect with Aliu on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Ashley Graves

Ashley Graves is a fraud risk associate and an MBA student concentrating on leadership and data analytics at Saint Joseph’s University. Ashley began vizzing through the Millennials and Data Bootcamp in 2021 and has participated in community projects like #MakeoverMonday, #VizforSocialGood, and #RealWorldFakeData. Her favorite part of Tableau Public is the Viz of the Day since it highlights the variety of visualizations in terms of topics, charts, and functions and is a source of inspiration. She uses data visualization as a way to both learn and share about a variety of topics, including business, health, and personal interests. Connect with Ashley through Linkedin and Twitter

David Potter

David Potter is an analyst at Starbucks and became active on Tableau Public in 2021. He chose Tableau Public because it allows him to display his passion projects and view the creativity of his peers' visualizations. He loves analyzing all kinds of data but especially data that involves his hometown, Seattle, or his many hobbies. David is always seeking to improve his visualization skills. Connect with David on LinkedIn.

Gbolahan Adebayo

Gbolahan Adebayo is a data analyst from Nigeria with a computer science background who aims to build a data career to drive informed decision-making. He started using Tableau Public in 2021 and participates in different community challenges to try new charts and techniques. He enjoys visualizing social issues and challenging topics and discovered #DiversityInData and #VizForSocialGood. Tableau Public allows him to turn raw data into amazing visualizations and explore his creative side. His favorite part of Tableau Public is the inspiration he gets from other authors on the homepage. In his free time, he analyzes soccer at his local radio station and loves to read about Renaissance history and paintings. Connect with Gbolahan on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium.

Kwame Owusu Baah

Kwame Owusu Baah has worked in the banking and investment field and is passionate about data analytics and visualization. He will be pursuing an MBA with a Business Analytics emphasis at the University of West Florida. He started creating data visualizations on Tableau Public in 2022 while earning his Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. He loves to analyze topics related to finance, commerce, and IT, and enjoys learning and taking inspiration from data enthusiasts. Tableau Public’s interactive dashboards and stories enable him to communicate the outcome of his data analysis projects effectively. Connect with Kwame on LinkedIn

Michael Fisayo

Michael Fisayo is a product analyst from Nigeria who discovered Tableau Public in 2022 while working on a project. His favorite part about Tableau Public is, among many other things, the ease of sharing projects with external users, and the valuable downloadable workbook functionality which has contributed to his growth. Community projects #MakeOverMonday and #WorkOutWednesday were a huge help when he was starting his data journey. He enjoys exploring a variety of topics through visualization, with a special interest in social subjects and finance. Connect with Michael on Twitter and LinkedIn

Oluwafunmilayo Christiana Sofuwa

Oluwafunmilayo Christiana Sofuwa is a data analyst who started using Tableau Public in 2019 and has been working towards improving her data visualization skills ever since. She believes that there is always something new to learn and improve and finds a boost of creativity and inspiration through the millions of data vizzes created by the community on Tableau Public. She enjoys analyzing and visualizing data that provides personalized recommendations for businesses and visualizing about movies, food, and novels. She is a member of several data communities that allow her to learn from others and help others in their data journey. Connect with Sofuwa on LinkedIn.

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