Best of the Tableau Web: July 2013

A highlight of tips, tricks, and inspiration for Tableau and data visualization.

It's been a great month and I am seeing plenty of new Tableau blogs appearing. Keep up the great work! Bloggers help our community and help Tableau understand what is working well, and not so well, with the product. Keep up the great work!

Here's the list of great content I've seen during the month of July. As always you can follow me on twitter (@acotgreave) if you want to hear about these posts the moment they are published.

Tableau tips

  • 3danim8 #Tableau Buckets – How to create and use them
  • Alan Smithee Presents Cells Gone Bad...
  • Breaking BI Creating Fast Navigation Buttons in Tableau
  • Breaking BI Performing Simple Linear Regression in Tableau
  • InterWorks, Inc. Editing Connections in Tableau
  • VizPainter Dynamic Annotations (Part 2)
  • VizWiz Tableau Tip: If you can’t open a Tableau workbook because of the space on your hard drive, Tableau itself may very well be at fault. - Data Visualization Done Right
  • Wannabe Data Rock Star Create a default Tableau Template

Tableau use cases

Tableau commentary

Tableau hackers

  • 3danim8's Blog The TWB Auditor – A tool for investigating your #Tableau workbooks
  • Github Build a Tableau TDE using the Tableau Python API and the RPY2 Interface to R
  • Tableau Love Hacking XML to control #Tableau action filter precedence

That should keep you going for another month. Let me know what you think and how we can improve these lists on twitter (@acotgreave)