13 New Interactive Vizes

From "Fit and Fat in America" and "US Foreclosures" to "Carrying the Tax Burden" and "China's Renewable Energy Investment", check out our visual news stories and the sites that carried them.
  • Mancession - See how the recession has affected men & women differently.

  • Fit and Fat in America - Obesity is a prevalent health issue and a growing epidemic in America. The winner of our interactive visualization contest examines why the average obesity rate in the US is the highest in the world.

  • US Oil Production - Surprisingly, small and medium size oil wells produce the majority of US oil.

  • Riding the Dow Rollercoaster - Look at the largest drops in Dow history with this interactive viz. Looks like things are getting more volatile...

  • Foreclosure Map: See the Worst Hit Metro Areas - CNN Money takes a peek into the most recent foreclosure data.

    CNN Map

  • FEMA Disasters - Surprisingly fire is a major component of disasters in many states, not just the West. Even Florida had more fires than hurricanes declared FEMA disasters.

  • Unemployment Benefit Claims in the UK - The recession is technically over but unemployment continues to plague the UK.

  • Household Debt in the US - Many have shown how the derivative markets and sub-prime mortgage debt caused the financial crises. This viz examines household debt, the spark that lit their collective bombs.

  • Disappearing Pubs in Britain - Britons have gone from having a roomy 1/800th of a pub to themselves in the 1970's to less than 1/1100th of a pub today. Clearly, this level is far below that needed to maintain drinking decorum.


  • Tax Day Viz - Although everyone is paying a much lower percentage of their income in taxes than they were ten years ago, the top 1% is paying significantly more of the total tax burden.

  • Public Pension Funding Crises - Mish shows how the nation’s public pensions owe $3 trillion dollars they do not have.

  • China Leads the World in Renewable Energy Investment - Despite massive investment worldwide (and especially in the US), China leads the world in several measures of renewable energy investment.

  • Bailout Funds Trickling back to DC - This visualization, made with data meticulously compiled by our friends at ProPublica, shows that some TARP money is finding its way back to the government.

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