Best of Tableau Web: October 2021

Welcome to Best of Tableau Web! In just a few days, we’ll all be watching—and I’ll be co-hosting for the fourth time—Iron Viz, the ultimate visualization showdown, at Tableau Conference. In just 20 minutes, the three finalists, Lisa Trescott, Pradeep Kumar G, and Samuel Parsons, will build their best data visualizations under the watchful eyes of our judges. To get to the final, they, along with 300 others, entered the feeder competition and faced the scrutiny of their peers and a large pool of guest judges.

Iron Viz isn’t the only viz competition on my radar right now. Recently, I’ve also judged the #Viz4ClimateAction competition: Check out the results.

“Past due: How are we paying for our climate inaction?” data viz highlighting estimated cost to end climate change vs. estimated cost of doing nothing

One of the top three vizzes from the #Viz4ClimateAction competition, co-authored by Nicole Klassen and Oana Tudorancea. [Klassen and Tudorancea/Tableau Public]

“The mix of design with storytelling is well balanced; the story [they’re] telling is very clear and so we have charts that are easy to read … Any decisions to go off the beaten track feel like they've been made with intent.” 

— An excerpt from my judge’s feedback on one of the winning #Viz4ClimateAction entries.

The first and most important thing to say is how amazed and grateful I am for all who enter competitions like these. I enjoy seeing the creativity and analytical skills on display, and participating in contests boosts your skills and grows your involvement in a community.

Beyond that, contests provide interesting challenges in how to provide feedback. We must demonstrate high levels of empathy and sensitivity, even when someone has sought our feedback. In a polarized social-media world, it’s too easy to fire off some negative comments without thinking about the consequences. This month, Adam Mico wrote about the complexities of providing feedback. He tackles how we can make feedback impactful while minimizing pain points—it’s a super overview everyone in this space should read. If you’re not checking out the Iron Quest recaps, they’re great examples of respectful, humble feedback.  

Enjoy the highlights from October, and I’ll see you at Iron Viz!


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