A special Best of the Tableau Web—let's talk about sets, baby!

By popular demand, we’re publishing a special edition to discuss everyone’s favorite feature: set actions. I’ve been using Tableau for 11 years and have never seen a feature give such superpowers to people. I’ve been amazed to see the new types of interactivity people have come up with. As a community, you’ve opened up whole new avenues, limited, seemingly, only by your imagination. Thank you all for such wonderful ideas.

Dip in and enjoy! Any of these will show how amazing features energise our unique community:

Maths and games In Tableau?

Yes: interactive games in Tableau!

Do you fancy playing a fully functioning Buzz Wire game? Or a dot-to-dot? Ken Flerlage and Alexander Waleczek created one for you.

Shin Murikami built an interactive Pascal Triangle and Lindsey Poulter created a crossword puzzle.


Finally, our very own Bethany Lyons has a post about Set Actions, and she delivered a session at TC18 all about Set Actions.

She’s done even more: Art of the Vizable is a collaboration with Craig Bloodworth contains a smorgasbord of ideas, each with a workbook and a video tutorial

Try them out for yourself

By now, I’m sure you’re ready to try them out for yourself. In which case, I recommend you have a go at Ann Jackson’s #WorkoutWednesday which involves this feature.

And finally, if you want to follow the conversation, there’s even a dedicated hashtag on Twitter: #SetActions. There are more ingenious ideas appearing daily.

Go and do great things with Sets!

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