Tableau 10.2 is here with new geospatial and statistical capabilities

Tableau 10.2 is here with a host of features to help you maximize the impact of your data. What can you do with Tableau 10.2? Tackle complex geospatial analysis with the one-click shapefile support. Get to your analysis faster with our new connectors and data-prep features. And deliver governed self-service analytics at scale with our enterprise enhancements.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest features.

Sophisticated geospatial and statistical analysis

Building on Tableau’s strong mapping capabilities, the new Spatial File Connector allows you to leverage spatial data directly in Tableau for powerful geospatial analysis. With shapefiles support, it’s easy incorporate custom geospatial data like crop yield or regional ocean temperature into your viz.

biomes of south africa Tableau geospatial visualization

Do you use Python to analyze sentiment or customer churn? With Tableau 10.2's Python integration, you can incorporate your existing models into a dashboard. Anyone can interact with the model directly in Tableau using dashboard controls and evaluate different scenarios without needing to know Python at all.

Simplified data access for everyone

Preparing data for analysis is even easier in Tableau 10.2. Leverage your existing database structure and schemas with database union in Tableau Desktop, and access the data you need with new connectors including Microsoft SharePoint Lists and Apache Drill. We've also added SSO support for SAP BW for a seamless login experience.

Date formats can be complex, with hundreds of variations depending on language and geography. In the past, for complicated or obscure formats, you’ve written complex date parse calculations. Now, rely on Tableau 10.2’s algorithms to automatically parse dates. Tableau will evaluate the entire data set, look for contextual clues in geographic and currency fields, so you can make sense of those dates without creating calculations.

We’ve also made joins more powerful so you can create them on calculations even if field names don’t match.

Improved flexibility for the enterprise

Tableau 10.2 includes new security, governance, and extensibility features to help organizations deploy Tableau at scale. For new-user permissions scenarios, we’ve added guest access per site on Tableau Server as well as OpenID Connect improvements and Tableau Mobile web authentication.

Authoring on the web continues to improve, enabling users to answer questions in a browser. Enjoy a new top-level menu, assign specific colors to data items, drag to remove reference lines, and sort via the toolbar—all from your browser.

Our platform is even more flexible for developers with CORS and JSON support for our REST API. Plus, new code samples make automating workflows a breeze.

W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA conformant

We’re also pleased to announce that Tableau vizzes are now WCGG 2.0 AA-conformant. People who work in an environment with US Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requirements can author Tableau content that's accessible to those with disabilities. Common visualization elements now have keyboard support and function with web-based assistive technologies.

Learn more about Tableau 10.2

These are just a few of the dozens of features included in Tableau 10.2. Check out the full list. Want even more? Check out our Tableau 10.2 blog posts in which our dev team dives deeper into some of the biggest features:

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We’d like to extend a huge thank you to the Tableau community and the 16,000 beta testers who tried the Tableau 10.2 beta. We couldn’t have done this without you! If you’d like to be involved in future beta programs, sign up today.

If you have a feature suggestion, we'd love to hear from you. Leave us your thoughts on our Ideas Forum. Some of the biggest features in Tableau 10.2 came from our user community, including spatial files support, join calcs, and autosave.

Download Tableau 10.2 now.

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