Tableau Pre-Release Programs

Evaluate, experience and provide feedback on emerging ideas and new product capabilities

Tableau Customers can join the Tableau Pre-Release Community to:

​- Participate in alpha and beta programs for early access to new features, versions and products.
- Engage directly with the Tableau Dev team through user research, product discussions and feedback activities designed to get feedback on topics that you care about.

A Single Tableau Account

Tableau has launched an all new Pre-Release website for customers to test out upcoming features! ​​Now you can use your Tableau Account to sign up for the next Tableau beta. Sign up with the same ID that you use for the Tableau Community or Tableau Online. If you don't have a Tableau Account, it's easy to create an account.

Ready to Test

When you sign up for a Pre-Release Program that is Ready to Test we will add you in and make sure that you receive the latest updates, including instructions on how to access and download the Pre-Release build.

Tableau 2019.1 Beta

Tableau 2019.1 Beta - Now in beta: Type a question and get an answer in the form of a viz with Ask Data, an entirely new way to interact with your data in Tableau. Tableau Prep Conductor is a new add-on to Tableau Online and Tableau Server that enables data preparation at scale by automating processes and flows, creating a deeply integrated data prep and analytics experience. Also, check out new data-driven alert views, dashboard zone names, and URL action improvements.

Tableau Early Feedback

Tableau Early Feedback - Join in to preview and test very early Tableau Features. These items are so new that we may not even know which Tableau version they will be in.

Tableau Developer Program

Tableau Developer Program - New for Developers! Join the Tableau Developer Program to get all the resources and tools to help you fine-tune the Tableau platform for your organization’s needs including the newest developer platform updates, access to developer focused sprint demos as well as a personal development site which includes the earliest access to new APIs. Joining is simple, go here and sign up.

New Data Modeling Capabilities

New Data Modeling Capabilities - We are enhancing Tableau with new data modeling capabilities to help you more easily analyze complex data without having to learn advanced database concepts or write custom SQL code.

Improved Browsing Experience Pre-Release

Improved Browsing Experience - Sign up to try our new improved content browsing experience live in the 2018.3 release. You’ll have the option to enable the new experience and navigate projects, workbooks, and data sources in a single view like a file hierarchy.

Tableau Animation Pre-Release

Tableau Animation - Apply to join the next Tableau experience revolution! When it's ready, you'll be able to check out a preview of Tableau with some amazing transition animations!   We think you're going to love them!

e-Learning Explorer Pre-Release

e-Learning Explorer - Sign up to test our new eLearning product; this is a series of online demos and quizzes that will guide you through the initial "this is how I log into my server" through to working with published data sources and workbooks.

Tableau Mobile

Sign up to check out the latest Tableau Mobile innovations. Tableau Mobile for iOS and Tableau Mobile for Android.

Upcoming Pre-Release Programs

Upcoming Pre-Release Programs are planned for the future and haven't yet begun. Sign up to let us know that you are interested! You won't receive an immediate email, but you'll definitely be the first to know when they become available.


Vector Tile Maps Pre-Release

Vector Tile Maps - Join our upcoming pre-release and you will have the opportunity to use smooth and performant vector tile maps, brand new background map styles such as satellite imagery, and additional mapping layers.

Amazon SageMaker Dashboard Extension Pre-Release

Amazon SageMaker Dashboard Extension - The new Amazon SageMaker Dashboard Extension will allow you to easily build machine learning models directly from your Tableau dashboards. Use Tableau’s analytic capabilities to explore and analyze your data then leverage Amazon’s customized machine learning models to quickly train and deploy a scalable algorithm to your entire organization that can be used to perform business critical forecasting. Sign up to be notified as soon as it's ready to test.

Replace Worksheet Pre-Release

Replace Worksheet - Join our pre-release to try the new replace worksheet experience. This feature will replace a worksheet in a dashboard with another worksheet and preserve overall dashboard layout to eliminate tedious ‘layout repair’ by dashboard authors.

Data Source Pre-Release - Ready to Test

Marketo Connector Version 2.0

Marketo v 2.0 - Check out the latest Tableau connector for Marketo.

Google Ads Connector

Google Ads Connector - Take a look at the new Tableau connector for Google Ads.

Upcoming Data Source Pre-Releases

Sign up to let us know that you are interested in our upcoming Data Source Connector Programs! You won't receive an immediate email, but you'll definitely be the first to know when they become available.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Google CloudSQL Connector

Pre-Release participation is available to current customers only. Be sure to use your company contact information when signing up to ensure that you are identified in our system.

Please contact us at for assistance.

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