In Tableau 10, we’ve improved both the beauty and brains of Tableau. We’ve added dozens and dozens of new features to make your analysis faster, easier, and even more delightful.

Here are ten features that are specifically designed to empower your entire enterprise.

1. Revision history

Roll back to an older version of a workbook with just one click in Tableau Server. And restore older versions of your data sources by downloading and republishing them.

You can also limit the number of revisions on the Tableau Server site settings page.

Learn more: Restore Your Workbook with One Click in Tableau 10

2. Licensing views

Tableau Server includes new administrative views that give insight into licensing and usage of Tableau Desktop. Once configured, Tableau Desktop sends usage information to Tableau Server in the background every eight hours, server login not required.

Learn more: Check Out the New Enterprise Features in Tableau 10

3. Subscribe others

Easily share vizzes with your team. Subscribe others to your dashboard with a click. The subscription email will include your name, so those users will know who to thank.

Learn more: Subscribe Others to Your Views and Workbooks in Tableau 10

4. Mobile device management

We’ve added support for VMware Airwatch and MobileIron using a new industry approach called AppConfig. This means you can securely deploy Tableau Mobile across your organization.

Learn more: Manage Your Tableau Mobile Deployment with AirWatch or MobileIron

5. Site SAML

On Tableau Server, you can now leverage different SAML-based identify providers on a per-site basis.

6. JavaScript API improvements

We've added two new functions to the JavaScript API that enable programmatic access to the underlying data in your visualizations. With the getSummaryDataAsync and getUnderlyingDataAsync functions, you can export data for use in other programs.

Learn more: Do More with APIs in Tableau 10

7. REST API improvements

The Tableau REST API has been expanded with more metadata information options, user result filtering, and the ability to return your Tableau Server version.

Learn more: REST API video

8. Document API

We've added a new Document API which provides a supported path for working with Tableau files such as .twb and .tds. This means you can create a template workbook in Tableau and easily deploy that across multiple servers and/or databases.

Learn more: Document API video

9. Web Data Connector 2.0

Build more flexible and powerful connectors with the Web Data Connector 2.0. This version is easier to use and also supports multiple tables and joins.

10. ETL refresh

With this feature, you can leverage our Web Data Connectors when working with Alteryx and Lavastorm. If you’re using these products for data prep or ETL, then you can change the data-source parameters right from Tableau Desktop.

Learn more about Tableau 10

These are just a small slice of what's new in Tableau 10. It also includes a brand new look and feel, and a host of other features to help you prep, analyze, and share your insights even faster. Check out the full list.

To learn more, sign up and tune into out launch event, Tableau 10 Live. We'll be showing off top features, hearing from customers, and more. And join us at a Tableau 10 roadshow near you.


Feature #7? :)

Amazing !!!

Awesome !!!!

another new feature we can join multiple data sources using joins in data source page.

Can someone send me the link to the documentation of feature #10 "ETL Refresh" ? I cant' find anything neither on Tableau support site nor on the web. Thanks.

Hi Jonathan, feel free to email me and I can provide you instructions and more information on the ETL refresh.

Simply superb article thanks for sharing

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but i have to know more about you

Hi,Can you please provide instructions on ETL refresh.

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