Update: Tableau 10 is here! Download now to try out the feature outlined below.

Got a dashboard your whole team can benefit from? Now you can subscribe your colleagues to your workbooks and views!

Tableau 10 lets you subscribe other users to your workbooks and views. You can make sure your entire team sees your weekly KPI reports, or your executives receive your quarterly sales progress in their inbox whenever you want.

To subscribe another user, click the subscribe button for any workbook or view you own or created.

Choose your schedule and subject, then search for and add users to the subscription. Select whether you want to be included in the subscription, then add other subscribers by clicking “add.” Search for and include, one at a time, any users on your server.

When you’re done, click the subscribe button—and there you go! You have successfully subscribed another user to your workbook or view.

The subscription email will include your name, so those users will know who to thank.

Join the beta

We have a timeline for getting Tableau 10 out the door, but we’d first like to get solid usage in beta and fix any bugs. Please join the beta program and let us know what you think.

Visit the Ideas Forum and tell us about content usage metrics that are important to you and your team. We'd also like to hear your ideas for features you'd like to see in Tableau. And if you have a question or feedback about the current functionality, please leave a comment below.

Learn more about Tableau 10

Tableau 10 includes a brand new look and feel, and a host of new features to help you prep, analyze, and share your insights even faster. Check out our Coming Soon page for details.


This would be of good use.

Will this allow you to subscribe unlicensed users as well? For example, if there users who do not have Tableau Online licenses, can you still send them an email snapshot as a subscription?

David, recipients of the information from Tableau will still need to be licensed users on your Online site.

Subsription to unlicenced users could make penetration of licences through users easier in many organisations. They would get an image with link to server, that wouldn't work and they can ask for licences!

Thank you Tableau for finally adding this feature!

Is it allowed to subscribe to a tableau security group of users?

This would be great if someone other than the content owner can subscribe users. In the case of Tableau, the content owner is the developer of the report and may not be the one who actually uses the report. What about the users that make custom views and would like subscribe the reports to their own distribution list? This is not possible yet since only the owner (developer) of the workbook can do this.

Is there a way to subscribe an entire group instead of adding each user individually?

Can we remove or modify the name of the person that subscribed the user to the dashboard? I work on a team and it would be better to use the team rather than an individual's name.

Is there any limit for adding users. How many users can be added in the subscription also Is there a way to subscribe an entire group instead of adding each user individually?

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