Tableau 10

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Answers through Analytics

Define custom territories, filter across data sources, highlight data in context, and more with new visual analytics capabilities.


Quickly spot patterns and group your data with drag-and-drop cluster analysis.

Custom territories

Tableau 10 enables deeper understanding of your data with custom territories. Learn how you can now make maps of sales territories or simply explore your data regionally.

Cross data source filters

Trade in parameters or filter actions for cross data source filters. Learn how a single filter can be be applied to multiple data sources in a workbook.


Discover specific data in context, and perform ad-hoc comparisons with live highlighting. Learn how to quickly spot trends in your data.

New bar charts

Go above and beyond with variable-width bar charts, cascade charts, and Marimekko charts with mark sizing control. Learn more about these new vizzes.

Data Breakthroughs

Connect and prep your data faster, with new connectors and data prep improvements.

Cross-database join

Join data from different data sources, like SQL Server and Oracle. Publish the integrated data source to Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server to collaborate with others. Learn how easy it is to make your own integrated data source.

Google Sheets connector

Now you can connect to Google Sheets directly from Tableau. Learn how to take advantage of this powerful new connector.

Quickbooks Online connector

Visualize your accounting data directly in Tableau with our QuickBooks Online connector.

Beautiful by Design

With a fresh look and feel, beautiful viz defaults, and new formatting controls, your vizzes are even more impactful.

Downright beautiful

Enjoy a clean, beautiful canvas for analytics, with new iconography, typography, and colors. Learn more about the new Tableau design.

New workbook defaults

Your vizzes are even hotter thanks to new workbook defaults, featuring new viz color palettes and updated line weights. Learn how these changes translate to beautiful visualizations that clearly tell the story of your data.

Workbook formatting

Change the style of your entire workbook with a click.

Tableau font

Tableau now features a custom font that makes your text crisp, clear, and communicative—even at small sizes. Learn more about Tableau's partnership with award-winning type designer Tobias Frere-Jones.

Seamless titles

Enjoy cleaner, inline titles that complement your viz.

Delightfully Mobile

Get Tableau on any device. Now including Android.

Device designer

You can now design, customize, and publish a single dashboard that includes optimized views for tablet and phone. Learn more about device designer.


You asked. We delivered. Enjoy Tableau Mobile on your Android phone or tablet. Download it today.

Mobile device management

Deploy Tableau Mobile across your organization with AirWatch and MobileIron support.

Do More on the Web

With dashboard authoring on the web and revision history at the ready, it’s easier for everyone to use Tableau when and where they want.

Web authoring

Add published data sources and author dashboards right in your browser. Learn more about these new capabilities.

Data source analytics

See what’s hot in your organization with baked-in analytics on data sources. View usage stats at a glance and favorite the ones you use the most.

Revision history

Quickly roll back to an older version with workbook and data source revision history. You can also cap revisions in Tableau Server settings. Learn more about revision history.

Publish flow

Publish workbooks and data sources faster and with more control, thanks to our publish flow improvements.

Self Service at Scale

Powerful governance and extensibility features for scalable enterprise deployments.

Subscribe other users

Easily share vizzes with your team. Subscribe others with a click.

Desktop licensing views

Tableau Server includes new administrative views that give insight into licensing and usage of Tableau Desktop. Find out how you can easily manage your organization's Tableau Desktop deployment.

Site SAML support

On Tableau Server, you can now leverage different SAML based identify providers on a per site basis.