Calling All Devs to the New Tableau Developer Portal

With the launch of Tableau 9.1, there are now four major areas of extensibility for developers to leverage to extend Tableau in new directions, automate tedious tasks, and connect to more data sources. We’ve also got a new home for developers to get everything they need:

Here are brief explanations of the four major extensibility areas within our products:

JavaScript API

Use the JavaScript API to integrate Tableau vizzes into your web app, or to create custom interactions and behaviors.


Automate and manage Tableau Server through REST endpoints. Create and edit sites, projects, workbooks, groups, and users.

Tableau SDK

The Tableau SDK works with Linux, OS X, and Windows. Using the SDK, you can extract your data and publish it for use in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, and Tableau Server.

Web Data Connector

With Tableau 9.1’s Web Data Connector, you can use HTML and JavaScript to connect to any web-based data source and pull data into Tableau.

Tableau Developer Portal

As part of Tableau 9.1, we’ve also launched the Tableau Developer Portal. This site is the jumping-off point for all things developer-related. This is where you can download our SDKs, get sample code, go deep with technical docs, and connect with other developers in the Tableau community.

We’re very excited about this new space, and we hope you’ll join the conversation. And please let me know how things are going, what we can do better, and which scenarios you’d like us to support. Your feedback and support are crucial to the evolution of the Tableau developer platform!

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