Tableau 9.1 includes the Web Data Connector SDK

Tableau 9.1 includes our new Web Data Connector, which lets you connect to any web data accessible over HTTP. In conjunction with this great new feature, we are excited to introduce the Tableau 9.1 Web Data Connector Software Development Kit.

Want to quickly start building your own connectors? In addition to great documentation, a test simulator, and our JavaScript library, the SDK features a number of code samples to help kickstart your efforts, including the following connectors:

Google Sheets: This connector lets you read columns from a published Google spreadsheet or authenticate using your Google credentials via OAuth2 and access private ones. Here's what the connection experience looks like:

Socrata: Socrata is an open data platform for government data. This connector lets you reads data from one of three Socrata data sources and illustrates how to page data and use incremental refresh.

JSON Parser: This connector accepts a JSON file that is provided by entering a web URL, copying and pasting the JSON data, or by dragging and dropping the JSON data file into the browser. It includes code that uses heuristics to transform a JSON block into table data and flatten it out.

Our soon-to-launch Developer Forums will offer access to the SDK. (Keep an eye on this space for the exact launch date.) You can also browse for other connectors created by the Tableau community. Your fellow data lovers have already created a number of them, including, FitBit, and Jira web data connectors. Be sure to bookmark the new Forums page, and come join us to share your connector, collaborate on new ideas, and give us feedback on the SDK and its documentation.

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