Beam me up, Scotty. Now I’ve seen it all.

Tableau Zen Master Joshua Milligan created a data-powered (not Data-powered) Star Trek game using Tableau. In the game, the starship Enterprise is on a mission “to boldly Tableau what no one has done before.”

“Whereas the original [BASIC] game was text-based, Tableau is of course graphical. That opens up some really neat possibilities,” Joshua says on his blog.

Click to play!

In another novel use case, Chris DeMartini transformed his mom’s 23-page family tree into a beautiful visualization. And he shared a tutorial on DataBlick.

Click to interact.

Now, on to the rest of the best of the Tableau web!

Tips & Tricks

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Data Revelations Showing ‘Now’ versus ‘Then’
Drawing with Numbers LOD Expressions and a Separate Custom Grand Total for Rows and Columns
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Vizible Difference Histogram via LOD
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Beyond the Basics

MAPR Blog Apache Drill: It's Drilliant to Query JSON Files from Tableau Desktop
Pandawan Dojo LiDAR in Tableau
Tableau Junkie Premier League Web Data Connector
Tableau Friction Make Dashboards’ Formatting Consistent
Clearly and Simply Create your own Cartograms in Tableau
Data + Science Using HTML Style Object Properties with Embedded Tableau Visualizations
The Vizioneer Clickable, Drillable Cascading Dynamic Parameters in Tableau

Tableau Server

Tableau Love Customizing Tableau TabJolt Load Tests
Tableau and Behold! Embedding Tableau Server Views in a C# Applicaton


Interworks My Experience as a Tableau Zen Master
Evolytics Tableau Pie Chart: A Better Approach

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