SAML Authentication Now Available for Tableau Online

Editor’s Note: Tableau Online is now Tableau Cloud.

Tableau Online now offers a single sign-on experience that benefits both data explorers and their IT departments. In just a few clicks, companies can configure SAML 2.0 authentication for Tableau Online. This allows for seamless embedding of visualizations and Active Directory synchronization through corporate identity providers. With SAML, users can bypass having to create yet another login, and IT no longer has to manage separate credentials. Instead, single sign-on gives users access to multiple applications including Tableau Online. The result: Users enjoy a more fluid workflow, and the IT department saves time. We released the feature just last week, but some of our biggest customers are already finding value in using SAML with Tableau Online. One customer says SAML setup is the simplest interface he’s ever seen. Others tell us they’re glad to shed the burden of user management. “With SAML authentication on Tableau Online, we at Kabam are now able to ensure a high level of security is maintained within our organization's data,” says Costas Piliotis, lead data analyst of Kabam’s Vancouver, British Columbia branch. “It also allows us to use our central source of users to ensure employee changes are properly accounted for on this application external to our organization.” We’ve partnered with a number of top corporate identity providers including Okta, PingOne, and OneLogin, which means we’ve conducted tests together and are listed in their application catalogs. Learn more about the SAML setup process in our Online Help guide.

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