Smart Meets Fast: Tableau 9.0 Is Here!

We are excited to announce that Tableau 9.0 has arrived. So what’s new? The theme of Tableau 9.0 is smart meets fast. In Tableau 9.0 we’ve added several features that makes the product smarter about what you’re doing, from a new start experience with data prep tools, to more analytics features and smart maps with geographic search.

Across the entire analytical flow, we’ve invested heavily in performance to increase the speed at which you can start analyzing data. We’ve rewritten Tableau Server and Tableau Online to help you share your findings and collaborate with data. In fact, you'll notice a faster experience across the board, from data connections to publication. And for the Tableau Server administrator, we've created Admin Views, allowing administrators to monitor and analyze data from their own Tableau Server.

Throughout the customer beta period, we loved hearing from the Tableau community about the individual Tableau 9.0 features that made a difference:

Don't worry, @ausdataman, the wait is over!

Download Tableau 9.0 for desktop and server and get into the flow!

How to Take Advantage of the New Features in Tableau 9.0

To help you get the most out of Tableau 9.0, we've developed a number of resources to get you started.

Want to Meet Tableau 9.0 in Person and Connect with Other Tableau Users?

We're hitting the road and coming to you! We'd love to see you at one of our Tableau 9.0 Launch Roadshows or connect with your local community by joining a Tableau user group near you.

Want to take your Tableau knowledge to the next level or learn about upcoming products? Come to Tableau Conference 15 in Las Vegas.

Want to Learn More?

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