Mac Lovers and Data Storytellers Take Note! Tableau 8.2 Available Now

It's official-- Tableau Desktop is on the Mac! Tableau Desktop for the Mac has the look and feel you expect from a native Mac application. It even has support for high-resolution displays like the Mac Retina display. It's part of Tableau 8.2, the newest release of Tableau, which also includes a new way to tell stories with data and a raft of other features.

There's been a great deal of excitement in the community about Tableau on the Mac. In fact, I can you show you exactly how much using another Tableau 8.2 feature, Story Points:

Tableau Desktop for the Mac has the same analytic capabilities as Tableau Desktop for Windows. A few more things to note:

  1. You don't need a new license to use it. If you have an active Tableau Desktop license, you can use Tableau Desktop on the Mac.
  2. You can install Tableau Desktop licenses on up to two machines, so you could install one for Windows at work and one for your Mac at home.
  3. Files created in Tableau Desktop for Windows will work in the Mac version, and vice versa.
  4. The Mac version supports most of the popular data sources, but has fewer data sources than the Windows version.
Why not download it now?

Another highlight of Tableau 8.2 is a completely redesigned set of maps, that include

  • A new map look that was designed in collaboration with the cutting-edge design firm Stamen Design
  • Crisper, sharper zoom worldwide including support for Retina displays, as mentioned above
  • New map data drawn from OpenStreetMap
  • Faster loading of map tiles
  • Street-level zoom worldwide

To make connecting to data easier, a new Visual Data Window lets you join tables visually, preview your data and do basic cleanup on a new data canvas.

Finally, there's a set of features that Tableau Server administrators will love (REST API FTW) and a number of new or enhanced connectors. For example, connecting to Microsoft Excel or flat files will be better with a new connector for many connections. This means you can get all the columns from those monster files that are more than 255-columns wide.

Want to meet Tableau 8.2 in person?

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