Naughty or Nice? Santa Uses Tableau to Decide Who Gets Coal

In case you missed it, last week Santa revealed that he uses Tableau to manage his global operations. And for every week in December, he'll share a new dashboard that looks at one area of his business.

In response to Santa's statements, we received a number of questions... including this one:

Question from Twitter: Does Santa use Tableau to see who's been naughty and nice?

This week, we're excited to share one of Santa's most important dashboards: His naughty-and-nice list.

Back in the day, Santa went by gut-feeling to decide how many thousands of people each year would get a lump of coal. Now, rather than basing his decisions on instinct alone, he can look at the big picture. With data.

Which means Kim Kardashian actually has a better shot at getting a present than we thought she did.

Yep, Santa actually teamed up with Tableau Public vizzer Jewel Loree to build a model for judging behavior throughout the year. And the first people he applied this to were celebrities.

Go on, explore the data! We can't wait to share Santa's final dashboard next week. (What do you think it will be?)

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