Best of the Tableau Web... October 2014

In just a few weeks, I'll have been working at Tableau for a whole year! What better way to celebrate my "Tableau-versary" than to present this month's round-up of amazing blog posts about Tableau?

October was a busy month in the blog-o-sphere. We saw an explosion of creative tips, tricks, and vizzes—and even found out that the Tableau Zen Masters don't know everything. (In fact, there's been a lot of conversation lately about what it truly means to be a data visualization expert.)

The Tableau community also got wickedly creative this month. KK Molugu built the amazing viz art pictured on the right. And I must give a shout-out to Jonathan Drummey, who wrote what I think may be the best title I've ever seen in a blog post: O Extract, Where Art Thou?

So without any further ado, I give you... the Best of the Tableau Web, October 2014!

Tableau-ween viz art

Tips & Tricks

Paint by Numbers A Rough Guide to Tableau Dashboard Actions
DataRemixed U.S. Congressional District choropleths made easy
The Information Lab Photographic Composition and its applications to Data Visualization
Vizible Difference Color your way to visual finesse

Beyond the Basics

VizWiz Tableau Tip: Blending data sets that have different max dates
VizPainter Dynamic Annotations (Part 3)
Tableau Command Multi Datasource Filters with the JavaScript API
Reddit Workaround to assign color by RGB measure
Monday Morning Viz Conditional Formatting w/ MIN(1)
This blog post was a follow-up to Dan Montgomery's My Favorite Tableau Trick For Work.

Video Tutorials & Viz Ideas

mluttonBI TRL - Tooltip Exclude and Top N with Others
Jewel Loree Data House of Horrors!
You can also find a detailed how-to on Jewel's blog.
data + science Halloween Data Set Published for Visualization
Curtis Harris Where do you get your vizpiration?

Use Cases

Quantified Self Tim Ngwena: My Music Listening Habits
InterWorks Market Segmentation Using Tableau and R - An Example in Baseball
Talk Data to Me Connecting Tableau to Piwik

Tableau Server

Alan@Tableau Redirecting map tile requests
Paul Banoub's VizNinja Blog How to Monitor Your Tableau Server – Part 1 – Infrastructure Monitoring
And Paul soon followed up with Part two.
Tableau Love Which EC2 Instance Type Should I run Tableau Server On? Part One
Part two came out in November—take a peek!


VizCandy Playing Nice with Tableau or How to Build a Dashboard That Your Co-Workers Can Maintain If You Get Hit By a Bus
Sciolistic Ramblings A year in Tableau - from beginner to "expert"

I hope you enjoyed this month's Best of the Web! Do you have any suggestions for this blog series? (Or maybe you started your own data blog recently?) Let us know by tweeting @tableau!

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