How to renew your Tableau licenses

Renew now

Customer Portal

If you are an administrator for your account in the Customer Portal, you can view and pay your renewal invoices by credit card through the portal.

Buy More Licenses

You can add more Creator, Explorer, and Viewer seats to your Tableau deployment directly through the Customer Portal.

Partner Renewals

If you purchased your licenses through a Tableau partner, you will renew your licenses with them. Our FAQ has details about the partner renewal process.

Partner Renewals


Renewal FAQs

Answers questions about renewing your subscription or maintenance for your licenses.

Renewal Policy

Details subscription and maintenance benefits. Read the policy regarding late renewals.

Renewal Manager

Find your customer renewal manager and request automatic email notifications regarding renewal.

Payment processing

Payment options

Get details on purchase orders, EFT, checks and other payment methods.

Credit card

Customer Portal admins can pay invoices via credit card.

Auto renew

Only eligible renewal quotes will see an auto renew option. See details in our FAQ.

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