Auto-Renewal FAQ

You can enroll in auto-renewal of your Tableau license during a purchase on our web store. Or if your next renewal transaction is eligible to auto-renew, you will see the option to enroll during payment of your current renewal on the invoice checkout page. Choosing auto-renewal ensures continued access to your Tableau products without interruption. When you are enrolled in auto-renew, Tableau will charge your credit card within 48 hours of your renewal date for the products and quantity included in the original transaction.

At this time, only some orders purchased with a credit card will have an auto-renewal option. Tableau may expand this as we review our customers' adoption.

We will charge your card within 48 hours of the date of your renewal.

Tableau may remove your license from renewing automatically if we determine that a change occurred on your account after your auto-renewal enrollment. Examples of these changes may include a new price for your license renewal, adding special handling terms to your account or combining customer portals within your account. Removing auto-renewal processing ensures that you are able to review your renewal invoice prior to its payment. If you have additional questions on what changed with your account, you can email Customer Success or find the contact information of your Customer Renewal Manager on your renewal invoice in the Tableau Customer Portal. You may receive the option to enroll in auto-renewal during your next renewal transaction, depending on the complexity of your account.

Once the auto-renewal option is removed, you will automatically begin to receive renewal email notifications leading up to your contract end date. You can pay your renewal invoice by credit card from the link provided in the renewal emails.

If you are a Customer Portal administrator, you can also views and pay your renewal invoice via the Tableau Customer Portal within 4 months of your renewal date.

Yes, you can opt out of auto-renewal up to seven days prior to renewal date. Opt-out is available through the Tableau Customer Portal “My Invoices” page (shown below) or by emailing with your primary contact email and seven-digit order number as found on your itemized purchase report. At this time, once you opt out auto-renewal will be unavailable until your next payment. We will email you renewal reminders ahead of time.

Please contact our Customer Service team at for assistance.

The license expiration pop-up message is an additional reminder you can ignore if you enrolled in auto-renewal. You can view or change your auto-renewal enrollment status in the Tableau Customer Portal “My Invoices” page . The credit card on file for auto-renewing will be charged within 48 hours of your renewal date and you will receive an email confirmation of your completed order.

We will charge your credit card within 48 hours of your renewal date. If your card is declined, we will send you an email notice with a link to your invoice page to make your renewal payment. If you do not make a payment before the renewal date, the impact will depend on the type of license you have (more information here). You can access your renewal invoices available through the Tableau Customer Portal “My Invoices” page or by emailing with your primary contact email and seven-digit order number as found on your itemized purchase report.

We use Stripe as our payment processor. Stripe takes many measures to ensure payments and payment information are secure. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. They use best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security. We do not store your credit card information locally and we use secure protocols to transmit encrypted payment details to Stripe. Information stored by Stripe is encrypted, so no one can view it.

If the expiration date is the only thing that is changing on your credit card, in many cases we will still be able to auto-renew your purchase. Our payment processor, Stripe, will attempt to automatically update expiration dates—an industry-standard best practice. In cases where this effort is unsuccessful, your order will not be auto-renewed and we will ask you to re-enter payment information.

It may take us one business day to fully process some orders before they appear in your portal.