Why Self-Service Business Intelligence?

This new whitepaper by TDWI's Claudia Imhoff and Colin White breaks down the value behind the wave of demand for self-service business intelligence. What's the big deal?

According to 587 respondents to TDWI's survey,
Self-Service Business Intelligence is driven by:
  • Constantly changing business needs (65% of respondents).
  • IT’s inability to satisfy new requests in a timely manner (57% of respondents).
  • The need to be a more analytics-driven organization (54% of respondents).
  • Slow or untimely access to information (47% of respondents).
  • Business user dissatisfaction with IT-delivered BI capabilities.

Not only is self-service BI good for the business user, TDWI found that it allows IT to step aside and stop the churn of constantly writing and modifying reports, thus leaving them time to focus on more strategic projects. Ultimately, self-service BI often makes business users feel that IT is acting much more as a partners than as a roadblock.

But what is self-service BI and how to achieve it? TDWI's advice:

  1. Make BI results easy to consume and enhance
  2. Make BI tools easy to use
  3. Deploy Data Warehouse solutions faster and make them easier to manage
  4. Make data sources easy to access

It takes a different way of thinking about BI, but the payoff is huge. Download the report to learn more.

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