Seamlessly Deploy, Integrate & Scale

Your BI tool should not dictate your data and analytics strategy. Choose Tableau and deploy where you want, on-premises, public cloud, or SaaS. Connect to the data you have, wherever it’s stored. Scale fluidly as your business grows. And easily share insights with the right people—whether they sit within your organization or not.

Deployment flexibility

Deploy wherever you want: on Windows or Linux, on premises, in the public cloud, or choose our fully managed service. However you deploy, Tableau will integrate with your preferred technology vendors. Reuse your existing data infrastructure to cut costs and timelines. Tableau fits into your existing people and process workflows, with minimal retraining and onboarding required. Tableau has direct connectors optimized for all major database and data application platforms, as well as advanced analytics integration with R and Python.

Fast to Deploy

Tableau is the only analytics platform you can fully deploy to thousands of users in less than a day. Choose Tableau Cloud and your users can be analyzing, sharing, and collaborating in mere minutes. With Tableau Server you can install, configure, and provision users in less than an hour. Download a Tableau Server trial and see for yourself just how fast and easy it is to deploy.

Embedded analytics

Whether you want to share analytics with internal users, external contractors, or the public at large, we have the platform and tools you need. Embedding Tableau analytics can be easily done in SharePoint, custom HTML portals, and other applications for secure access by any authorized user. Our extensive APIs let you create a custom-tailored experiences directly in the applications and workflows where people spend their time and need analytics.

Scale up and out

Size your deployment for today's needs, then easily scale up or out as your usage expands. Transition to newer hardware easily or add more nodes for increased redundancy and capacity. Our licensing is designed to give you the most flexible scaling experience; add capacity by adding user licenses or by adding more hardware and CPU cores. Tableau Server can support up to a hundred users per core and scales linearly.

Tableau Server Scalability

Tableau is the mission critical key to an organization's modern enterprise analytics platform. It is essential for enterprise architects and IT leaders to understand how Tableau Server scales with data, content, and users. Furthermore, deploying and integrating with diverse and heterogeneous enterprise IT platforms is becoming the only way to support the current and future analytical needs of the business. This whitepaper provides a deep dive into Tableau’s architecture and how it scales with increasing workloads. It also demonstrates how the performance of Tableau Server 10.5 compares with earlier versions.

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Additional resources for IT

Discover more tools to help deploy, support, and scale Tableau analytics across your organization.

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