Saving Custom Views

Subject Area: Server/Web

Level of complexity: Beginner

Approximate Time to complete: 5 minutes

Companion Workbook (twbx): n/a

Additional Resources on the web:

Tableau Users sometimes find that they are repeatedly making the same changes to views everytime they open them. Rather than having to make these changes every time they open the view they can choose to remember your changes as a custom view. For example when a User sorts, filters, zooms etc. Then they can select Remember my changes in the upper right hand corner and save the view.

After saving the view Tableau Users can choose to share the saved changes with others so they can quickly apply your set of changes to the original view. When looking at one of your custom views, select Share on the custom view menu.

The ability to save custom views is a perimission that can be set on time of publication of the Workbook. The Permission that is responsible for allowing saving of custom views is the Share Customized option in the permission setting dialogue.